Sunday, December 5, 2010

living a long time looking on and on

here's a smattering of songs that are pleasing me lately:

and here i go slipping through this week, surely assisted by nibbles of xanax and sheer luck, slipping right into a free freezing winter water wonderland.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

and went looking for another light

i've paused undressed (which (you're welcome) you may view here: to make good on my promise and show you some blue sky blues to cure your grey sky woes.






i love wearing a big scarf as much as the next girl but right about now i miss being BROWN. sitting in that car singing taylor swift sunshining on my forearms and that one patch of thigh the big open world just breezy all around and every single thing is the best possible song. it'll be back soon enough, is what i tell myself to bear the boots and socks and slacks and such. and until then life will just continue to stack on itself in the most clever ways. sometimes it'll catch me, jostle me, out of daydreams; tug me by the elbow and say "but just look at whats happened here" and what can you do except make that cute surprised face and laugh at the waywardness of it all.

and that's quite literally all i've got.
i've moved on to huck finn (whatta rascal) and i'm about ready to read that in my perfection of a bed. i'll see you see you see you soon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

echoes of light that shine like stars after they're gone

listening to things of this nature (and so much katy perry, sorry sorry sorry) recently and holding onto everything good left inside of me with the same hands i use for treasures at the thrift store and knocking on all the wood. truth is, i know only the best things are coming, but somehow superstition still sits on the top of all truths in my life.

working on a pile of pictures from 2009-early 2010 and you will be seeing that stuff real soon. two weeks left of fall semester and i can't wait to sit in a bathtub for my entire winter break. imagine the love i'm sending you is like a quarter i've just pulled from your ear. xx.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

these rivers of suggestion are driving me away

weekend upstate with naomi and the sunny days and crisp nights. friday i sat on a rock in the yard with basically bare legs and let the cold seep through layer and layer and layer until i could actually feel it in my bones. looking at the stars with frozen bones and then leaping around the yard until i felt brand new again. thrifting and estate sales and my old haunt crossgates mall yielded plenty of treasures. today was country driving, historic houses, picnic food picking, picnic food eating while overlooking albany county. sweet albany county, you hold my history and my heart. i miss this place more and more and feel so foolish for the feeling. life is good life is grand and life will gift good things. like i said last night "i can't wait for all the good things that are going to happen to us" and to you too...

Friday, November 12, 2010

honey, keep the oven warm

here's what i have to say about the week that kicked my ass:

i have never been so tired in my whole life! STUPID tired. catching 20 minute naps here and there. eating scraps of food between napping studying cleaning teeth attending class. jumble week. i walk down the streets mumbling the names of odontogenic cysts. sit on the bus lost in some histologically stained daydream. eliza assay, western blot test, trisomy 21, cri du chat, herpangina, hairy leukoplakia. ugh. and above everything else, hovering, I AM SO TIRED.

so that's that. i'm using some lovely techniques to make my life more like my life. and i'm taking me and my techniques and a whole boat full of laundry oh and that friend naomi hanson to my house in the woods this weekend for some post-fall pre-winter relaxation activation. i lost my digital camera (!) last week so i can't prove anything happens. i guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

and now to get to that sleep...

(you know i am capable of much more than this, don't you? i'm sorry i'm sorry infinity i'm sorry to me you and everyone we know for my brain dead brain. pma willing me back to life)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what can i do to keep you around?

honey honey honey, hi! halloween! that time of year came and went once again and i really pulled out all the stops. my past 3 years worth of costumes have been truly excellent, if you ask me; but i think its actually possible that this was my best yet?? i'm working on some oral path homework over here so this is going to have to be a brief one, unfortunately. i'll share mine and my friends costumes and then you can head to my flickr to see the rest, hm?

let's just cut to the chase here:

this is fun!

i mean........okay.

and here is naomi with another one of her genius "day of" creations:

sexy chicken

and kiki:

60's movie goer


totem poll


party shark


little edie

the whole motley crew:

group shot

what a fun night! next year we are REALLY going to try to finally get the brand names people project going. start thinking now! i guess i will be raisin girl. eh. maybe someone will be kind and let me be land'o'lakes. i've never been an indian before!

okay enough of that, i am clearly too distracted to write like a normal human. feeling and certainly feeling over here and i'm kinda trying to work it all out? i mean....duh. what's new and such, but this time its really different? I SWEAR. something is different and its no less than a struggle almost every day to not be hazy when i walk down the street. lots of suggestions have been made but i'm just going with my internal instincts on this one. i guess if i'm ever cured you'll be the first to know.

and now i'm back to neoplasias and thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. "hug muffin loaf with extra sprinkles of vibes and joy"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my information's just not getting in

ha! i wanted to write this long incredible post about the baby genius that is miss brenda lee, but then this song came on my shuffle and now i somehow can't blog rockabilly


Sunday, October 17, 2010

she's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin

sweet songs for everyone courtesy of mr. lloyd cole, who, i am surprisingly attracted to? WHO KNEW!

so much to share from the past week-or-so, one of these days coming up i'll show you some things. you can hold me to it, or anything else, if you want to. i'm not keen on disappointing folks. so, see you soon! i punched a girl in the face last night after she dumped a beer on my head and i'm feeling pretty great today (no- really) so i'm going to attempt to make myself an egg in a basket, toad in the hole, what-have-you and listen to some neil diamond on vinyl. love you lovelies. xx!

Monday, October 11, 2010

we can sit and dry just as long as it can pour

thunderstorms in my new room are something else. making me think about the tin rooves (roofs?) at summer camp and how we would welcome the storm. perfect thoughts for this john sebastian ditty:

lovely dreams to everyone and i mean everyone

Monday, October 4, 2010

a child of the water, too proud to be a queen

this day and this song are holding hands:

so chilly, all my windows open, laying in bed under all the covers, listening to mellow metal, hugging myself and saying "great job"

love yous

Saturday, October 2, 2010

walk me in the morning through the clover*

tuneage around these parts these days:

and get ready for my stupendous finish:

also, somehow, after all this time, i am still listening to linda ronstadt with purpose.

and now that i've done that, i can tell you about my friday! i've always liked fridays and today? well today friday came right up to me and shook my hand. bless. i woke myself up with both sides of new colony six's greatest hits and two apples from the apple bag. a thin swipe of eyeliner and i was off on maroon five in the rain to greenpoint to have my hair cut. one head massage and deep conditioning treatment later and i'm in greenwich village fantasizing i'm jane fonda in barefoot in the park, showing a peek of emotion in therapy, and having the nicest lunch at murray's while looking at the grey sky and thinking how nice fridays are. i wore falltime shoes, i hugged my friend, i sang christine mcvie songs with vigor, tried on all my new clothes and tasted five different kinds of chips! what a day, what a day what a day.

i'll be seeing you friday, i'll be seeing you again real soon. (coincidently, come next friday i'll be sitting pretty in orlando, florida. i'll be damned if i don't make it to disney this time. so much to look forward to.)

until then...enjoy the fall breezes and think fondly of all the people you love.

*(the alternative title of this post is 'don't throw up - five years later')

Thursday, September 30, 2010

and then there's this

in case you've forgotten about my dream life:

wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame

boy would i have loved to have put a real live early 70's performance of this song here instead of that karaoke stuff up there, but y'all get the point, no?

hello!!! man, i'm really weirdly bad at the internet these days. i'm weirdly bad at a lot of stuff these days, actually, but today i am magically feeling quite chipper and even my awful professor in clinic couldn't defeat my mood. i need to start working on an outfit for my night out tonight (they are few and far between nowadays) and hope this positive energy sticks around at least through the weekend so i can enjoy my friends whom i miss immensely.

not much else to report on, sadly. but i am working on getting some film developed, which will lead to things to show and stories to tell (god knows i have about a trillion of these) also i think expect more karaoke videos (i'm sure you're thrilled) because stephanie and i are about due for another round of this. maybe expect some pictures from my weekend and some pictures of all the nice foods i plan on eating in the near future. also expect love and joy and hugs and sparkles coming out of my eyes.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pumped a lot of pain

j/k its 'tane.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

for every voice you ever heard there's been a thousand without a word

so much fleetwood happening for me lately. something about it suits my melancholy yet hopeful mood. two of my current favorites:

i'd take a buckingham in 1982 anyday....

xx kiddies, xx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

if not for you my sky would fall

because i can:

oh brenda, how i long to channel your brief tv existence at most moments of most days. your sweet mouth, the just-so bangs, icy eyes, porcelain complexion, oh brenda! one day we will be united. one day we will live as one!

Monday, August 9, 2010

its easy, you only need to know

still up here, and my meltdown about returning is mounting. really focusing on one day at a time. working on being present in each moment of each day (this is hard!). took care of lots of odds and ends, including calling the court regarding my first speeding ticket (!!! - this was bound to happen sometime, i suppose, but i still cried for five minutes while pulling away from the scene of the crime) spent a few days with denise and chiara and a new friend isa. swam and saw waterfalls and ate mexican and sang around a campfire. i suppose at some point i must have really let loose because denise started kissing me on the head and saying "you are making me so happy right now" wouldn't it be lovely if my whole life could just be like that? currently talking to jenny about how some higher power should review every major life decision i choose to make, because.....not sure how i ended up here now, twenty-seven years old, sitting in my pajamas at almost three thirty in the afternoon in my dad's basement, but...i'm certainly here. so.....

anyways this post was supposed to be about singing around the campfire but somehow it turned into something else. could i also ask that all you asian robots please stop commenting on this blog? holy annoying!

be young be free

Monday, August 2, 2010

some people say the sky is just the sky

hello from the green lands up north!

just a quick one to begin august:

the days start slow and then sink into the ground in a way that reminds me of watering a thirsty house plant (ending with that gurgling noise- more more more). i know summer will soon be over and its always bittersweet. this summer has felt endless and i can't say i care but i also do not relate when people say "how is it august already?!?" its a painstaking affair for me to fill my days with trivial and non-trivial activities. i can say i've been reconnecting and connecting with people who i see being positive forces. i smell like campfire often and feel sentimental even more than that. i'm finding it hard to put words to this right now. and by this i mean whatever ache or longing or song is inside of me. i guess i'm just waiting for life to kiss me on the forehead.

(somehow i managed to lose the battery charger for my digital camera. i don't know what this means for us. when it turns up i guess you'll know...)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

when i get up in the morning, lord, i know

golly gee am i ever tired! however, i am trying to be a better blogger, so here i ammmmmmm. its been a busy and non-busy week full of talking and not talking. i traveled to lovely new caanan, connecticut to spend time with the long family. i also went to the beach a few times. and saw my fresh faced friends. sold some shoes and wallets and FLANNEL SHIRTS (? new yorkers are insane - now we know). relaxing at home currently with some eddie cochran and thinking about what is coming up. weather is forecast to be beautiful upstate so i have all week to stew my excitement for country parties. music is country country and cat stevens. book is the complete works of john cheever. movies are doris day and elvis based though i am planning on watching spice world tomorrow. i think i am ready to be done with this now. below are some pictures. stay classy, y'all!

like hell with bigger windows

fort tilden

maggie in the reeds

crossing the williamsburg bridge

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this could be a joy unending

beach today with lovely haired friends. connecticut tomorrow with another small friend. friday there will be some kind of girl power ceremony in the kitchen of the freest fire-haired fox i ever saw. saturday and sunday i sell sell sell and next week i do my best not to spend the cash so i can have a week off upstate soon. bless bless bless.

do it pretty!

Monday, July 19, 2010

plenty of air and plenty of room

wow i just love this so much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rolling through the hay like a puppy child

i'm here in albany and thinking about the lovely days i have planned for myself here. the weekends are filling up fast (in true summer weekend fashion) and my tan is at a level i would describe as 'beyond base' pleased pleased pleased. and because i've been pleased, there's been happy music all the time. and because there's been happy music there's inevitably been elton john. the man has not only written some of the best pop songs of all time, but also co-written/sang/played on other superstars songs. so how about giving some propers to elton for his contribution on the following pop gems:

and just for kicks (kiki kicks):

and because i'm still going, let me share my favorite elton song, as used in the opening scene of lumet's 'dog day afternoon' (fact: this is the only music used in the entire film):

and now i am ready to retire. adios amigos. stay sunny!

Monday, July 12, 2010

and when my head is aching full of everywhere i've been i'll turn my face around the other way

not the original, and not even my favorite cover, but the only from the correct time period. plus they're dutch. plus there are cows. :

headed upstate tomorrow for an indefinite amount of time. planning some swimming time and some shopping time and some mom time and some dad time and some truck driving time and some fish fry time. oh! and how could i forget laundry for free time. the best of times.

these days: swimming, tanning, swimming, tanning, tanning, swimming, tanning, driving, singing, floating, selling shoes, planning country weekends, planning mid-week getaways, babysitting, looking to the sky, hugging on friends, iced tea, tanning. its not all milk and honey, duh, but i'm doing my best to do my best, therefore, my best is maybe all you will hear about.

lost my steam y'all. would you like to see somethings? i want to tell you everything about my third car journey but that would be harder than counting all the horses in oklahoma! it was good and it cleared my mind right out and then filled it back up again. its clear i am awful at functioning with no set schedule, so i'm attempting to make something like a loose net in which to hold my week in. so far i've got: babysitting, joining the community garden, walking dogs (? do i even like dogs??), the flea at least one weekend day. and that's it! gimme a break, its still a work in progress. let me leave you with a smattering of things from the past week.

epic cloud sky

beach day


following the sun

icees please

epic dusky sky

sea of shoes!

that's all for now! see y'all later!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

been thinking this over for many long nights

this is all i've got for now but don't give up on me and i won't give up on me either

Monday, June 14, 2010

if that's not reincarnation then what is it?

i want to tell you everything about everything but the internet is so sparse and camping is just cheaper. we're in hot springs, arkansas and we soaked in 6ft bathtubs today. its hotter than sin and we're sweating like hookers in church. fear not! we are enjoying every moment. i hope all y'all are well and you'll be hearing from me again soon, you can bet on that.

feel free to find pictures here:


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

only one place for a man to go when he's worried about his life

well hi. i forgot to write in this because i was too busy falling apart. and/or moving. whatever.

now i can write because i'm out on the open road. my little cousin flew into new york on monday and we left new york this morning. i am writing this little message to you all from lovely ronks, pa, in the heart of lancaster county, pennsylvania dutch country!

i drove over the verrazano for the first time and through staten island over the goethels into new jersey. picked up 95 and drove through the filth that is new jersey. my cousin said "i thought people were just giving new jersey shit but it really is a terrible place" true. 95 lead to 276 and snaked around philadelphia in the pouring rain. so much rain! so so so much rain. i am hoping that the rain will wash all the things out of the air that are making me feel like i am asleep at all times. the rain was so intense that i thought about pulling over and definitely chanted "i hate this i hate this i hate this" over and over. my cousin helped with that, very reassuring co-pilot. we arrived in the farmland on us-30 and it is just so precious here. every buggy we saw on the road we had to peek inside to make sure it wasnt just a robot driving to give the illusion of amish about. THEY ARE REAL. at one point we even saw a mom with two kids that were wearing straw hats!! i really yelped at that one. we love the amish with their bulk flavored gelatin and pie and fudge and crafts. bless their hearts!

tomorrow we are off to rural virginia and we may soak in some hot springs somewhere. there are pictures to be seen on flickr and i will have some things to show you at some point, but for now i am sleepy and there is cable tv here at the dutch treat motel so i'm going to pajama myself and enjoy that right now.

its no secret that i'm working through some really thick emotional muck right now and i have to apologize for the absence of my usual literacy when it comes to this blog. let's hope the heat and the road and the music and singing and air and stars and smells and food and all of america brings me back to life. if it doesn't i think you can expect some blogs from the fucking insane asylum in the near future. do they let you use computers in mental hospitals? let's hope so...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shoulda been different but it wasn't different was it?

this is so right on

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): When people are truly dehydrated, the
impulse that tells them they're thirsty shuts down. That's why they may
not know they're suffering from a lack of water. In a metaphorically similar
way, Pisces, you have been deprived so long of a certain kind of emotional
sustenance that you don't realize what you're missing. See if you can find
out what it is, and then make measured (non-desperate!) plans to get a
big, strong influx of it. The cosmic rhythms will be on your side in this

going to work on it work on it work on it

Friday, May 14, 2010

and the light of the night fell on me

and so begins another cycle of packing and moving and unpacking.
i found a place to live!

my new room

main room

the top picture will be my new room. the second picture will be the main space, a kitchen/living room combo. you'll have to use your imagination slightly because its not yet finished. should my room be light green or light blue? somehow i am feeling like i want light blue this time?

my bedroom

that's my room right now. i would either probably paint it the same color or something like this:


any thoughts? i need to feel it out. my past two rooms in new york have been light green, maybe i'm getting bored of it. blue is feeling so appealing to me at the moment.

its funny in new york, most people move quite a bit, and i am certainly one of those. i was running over all my old addresses in my head and making a compare/contrast list: 559 lorimer, 339 graham, 573 lorimer, 103 skillman, 901 grand. this time my number is even. this will be the first even address i've lived at in my entire life. my childhood addresses were a 77 and a 39 and now my dad lives at 81. i mean......? i'm taking this evenness as a good sign. as a sign of legit divisibility without fractions. i'm going to run with this theory and you will most certainly be kept posted.

as for me, i'm finished with school for the semester. i'm hoping i keep my 3.7 gpa. i'm hoping i have a lazy sunny summer filled with lots of joyful substance and i turn brown as a berry and everything is fine as can be. i'm selling at the hester street fair tomorrow, and hopefully most weekends for the rest of the summer. i have so many new shoes to debut!

i'll leave you with a picture of my new little house:


and that's that. life without a set schedule is bizarre. cheers!

Friday, May 7, 2010

with just one look i was a bad mess

having a full-on total-town breakdown over here.

not going to go into detail because who knows what lurks on the internet. hello future perspective employer! in tried-and-true cryptic internet fashion i will post song lyrics and a link to a live performance of the song, which cannot be embedded in this blog, embedding has been disabled, fuck off.

Air pollution, revolution, you know I've had my fill.
Advertisin', computerizin', don't understand it and I never will.

Got to get back to some good time livin'
Got to get out where the air is sweet.
Got to, got to get back livin'
Work with our hands, live off the land,
Feel good clean earth under your feet.

Isolation, segregation, government controls
Call it a cop out gotta drop out.
You and me we gotta save our souls.

Got to get back to some good time livin'
Got to get out where the air is sweet.
Got to, got to get back livin'
Work with our hands, live off the land,
Feel good clean earth under your feet.

You're gonna take to planting flowers everywhere.
We'll find a world of simple pleasures we can share.

Gotta, gotta, got, got, to get back living.

you may find this song HERE

Monday, April 26, 2010

halo hanging over my head, i hope you're never gonna fade out

some days i am like BURSTING WITH HAPPY and other days i'm just not.
today i took two of my six final exams. in ten (TEN TEN TEN) short days i will be D-O-N-E with this school year. guess who cannot wait? i came home from school today and swept the floor and washed the dishes and recorded a new voicemail message and even cracked a book for an exam i don't have for SEVEN more days! listen, i drank a red bull today and i think it made me a better person? i also decided its always better to take the time to make a nice outfit for yourself. something about a skirt swishing that can perk you up even on a rainy day (which is exactly what today was) today i was chipper! today i was like a small spot of sunshine skipping over puddles and holding my head up in the sky. i even didn't feel that guilty about eating two pieces of pizza! i'm not sure where this came from but writing this post specifically to lock this little light somewhere.

i also wanted to talk about my eventful/exhausting weekend. thursday (the day my weekend starts) was my first day on the booze in what felt like forever (whatever - don't say you wouldn't feel the same). i enjoyed white wine in the company of so many girl friends at a clothing exchange hosted by the lovely amber. i came away with some mega awesome stuff and a mega awesome hangover. friday i nursed my ills for the greater portion of the afternoon and then met up with stephanie for a date at our favorite karaoke spot: karaoke one 7. we sang for nearly 3 hours and killed everything. which do i think are our new bests?

(embedding is disabled for the actual music video for this song, but its pretty amazing, you can watch it here: )

i also closed the amazing session with the eagle's version of desperado. it was ill. don't worry. i actually videoed so many of our performances but due to some weird glitch when i was uploading all of the videos were lost. GASP! there is always a next time! then we headed to west times square for kaitlin's open studio, saw some peoples, ate some snacks, bought some hangers, headed home. had so much prepping to do for the hester street fair opening day on saturday where happy cuties made its manhattan debut. i have no pictures to prove this event took place, sorry, i was too busy making boku bucks. a thousand dollars. nbd. but seriously, it was awesome and exhausting and i still have so much crap despite making money so i am going to do it all over again on may 15th and i hope you can come by!

what else, you ask? well i am quite looking forward to going upstate immediately after i finish school. hopefully with a few friends in tow. or a bunch. or one. or whatever.

and now i am retiring to my chamber and drawing my blinds. stretching. reading some fitzgerald. remembering the good things that happened today. thinking about the good things that will happen tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

til next time...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

slow dancing: anything i want

i apologize in advance:

If I was a month, I’d be September
If I was a day of the week, I’d be Sunday
If I was a time of day, I’d be dawn when you haven't slept yet.
If I was a planet, I’d be venus
If I was an animal of the sea, I’d be a sea otter

If I was a direction, I’d be due south
If I was a piece of furniture, I’d be a credenza
If I was a liquid, I’d be raspberry-lime seltzer
If I was a gemstone, I’d be aquamarine
If I was a tree, I’d be a maple

If I was a tool, I’d be a power drill
If I was a material, I’d be spandex
If I was a kind of weather, I’d be sunshine after the rain
If I was a musical instrument, I’d be a ragtime piano
If I was a color, I’d be spring green

If I was an emotion, I’d be vim
If I was a fruit, I’d be a peach
If I was a sound, I’d be harmony
If I was an element, I’d be neon
If I was an automobile, I’d be a baby blue 1968 ford f-250

If I was a food, I’d be sexy pizza
If I was a taste, I’d be savoryyyyy
If I was a scent, I’d be musk
If I was a place, I’d be home
If I was a flower, I’d be a lilac

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

be sweet as honey baby, don't be mean

i had a dream about jeff last night. HE WAS WEARING YELLOW EYESHADOW. where is my personal dream investigator? first he was playful and shy and then it just turned 7 shades of ugly. i was basically lucid dreaming at that point and willing something to keep happening for the sake of some resolution for myself. he was still dating the girl, which, i believe is the case, though i haven't done any internet "research" recently. nevermind, i just did some. definitely still going strong. they'll make a cute baby and i'll just stay home and cry.

okay! i've lost all my energy for this. i just thought about posting pictures and then realized i have nothing to show you because i am sitting on 16 rolls of film because i have no money to process them. just called manhattan color lab and they want 20 bucks a roll. not happening. not anytime soon, at least. so you'll have to be happy with this shitty post and no pictures because i've got strep throat, and i'm on antibiotics for 10 days which means my last free weekend before finals and flea market has to be spent sans booze. it means i have to postpone all my shitty okcupid dates because if you think i am going on an internet date with no alcohol you may as well think i love the country of canada. and i don't. so i won't.

after five days of laying in bed, i guess i finally got bored. i spent an hour last night researching mia farrow, and subsequently, her 15 children. now that was time well spent.

hey! life! everyone! god above! who wants to tell me when my time is coming? i'm doing my best to fill my days with fulfillment but its much harder than it seems. especially here, no green, no blue sky blue, no peepers, it currently smells like gasoline in my bed courtesy of either my upstairs or downstairs neighbor or maybe a broke-down truck outside. so i'm just waiting waiting for the day when my clouds part and those white streaks of pure sun come a'streaming out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

if that's my prayer book, lord, let us pray

you know like sometimes when you just don't feel like going to sleep and instead you want to stand around and sing paul simon in your party skirt?

i thought, graceland, being released in 1986, that a real live music video would exist for the ronstadt duet 'under african skies' but it DOES NOT and i am GUTTED. but let me tell you there are a sure damn lot of acoustic covers of the goddamn song and now i've lost a part of my life i can never get back. but i digress...

been really missing living alone in some trees recently. its turning into an ache. i'm stuck between the spokes of the decision wheel once again, my friends. should i move apartments or am i just a perpetual restless when i'm living here. i can't relax! i feel myself wound and winding and i can't cut loose! for instance, right now, as i'm blogging, i am certain there is a really fun party next door. why didn't i go check it out? i'm sort of getting into doldrums status over here. i guess this is where i publicly declare that almost every day of being without real true grass and trees feels like being medievally tortured.

i guess this marks the end of this blog. tomorrow is studying the histology of dentin, cementum, and pulp. on the roof. with one of those tin foil shields around my face to crisp me up good and brown. i might start writing a book. i'd really do anything to avoid studying so this actually might happen. and if it does, thank god the cover already exists:

i see you guys next time, okay?

p.s. happy birthday mama. i love you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

even if i have to start from zero

one day i am going to live somewhere and have the sort of life where this song defines the pace, the tone, the timbre and the hardihood of mostly everything.

i'm here! my shoulders are back and that string is constantly pulling me up, and each night before i sleep i count five nice things that happened that day. its supposed to help one feel positive. i'm positive its doing something. kiss kiss lovelies. enjoy the nice weather this weekend and sing like the birdies do.

Friday, March 19, 2010

what they find the glow erases, what they lose the glow replaces

here is a quick one to bid farewell to the great alex chilton.
it wasn't until a mere four months ago that i realized what a genius this man was; in the box tops with a voice like you never heard at age sixteen bringing some memphis blues to late 60's pop. here's a sampling of live videos (and i had to search! most of this shit is lipsynched and awful.) ENJOY and BONSOIR!

and this one, even though lipsynched, is amazing for chiltons chintzy dance moves. czech it:

love is all around

Thursday, March 18, 2010

come on, get up, get underway

any of you that know me, know that i am partially (fully) obsessed with the man that is paul mccartney and all the projects he's had his hands in over his mega career. wings is no exception. wings is, god, wings is just one of the greatest bands to ever be on the earth. i am not being overly sentimental or sappy and my judgment is not clouded. wings has tried just about every genre. wings has kitch-ified bongos and spanish guitar and then r+b and then ragtime. and they did it with style and panache and matching mullets. listen, this isn't a joke. open your ears people! wise up to smart music!

both of these videos are from what is arguably my favorite, and the last, wings album: back to the egg (released in 1979 - and what a year it was). my second favorite wings album is:

and boy is it a gem.
i highly suggest you just close your eyes and open your mind and just give this band a listen. its like old elo in the sense that when you get big enough you feel free to try anything, and if you are a genius, everything usually works out.

okay now you can return back to whatever non-wings things you were doing. ciao.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

steal the nose right from under your eyes

hip hip and hoorah for this weather, am i right or am i right?!

i'm ready to finally share my birthday weekend with you, and it started as all great periods of time start; with a cake!

birthday cake

i made my very own birthday cake because i could. and a world where a girl can't make her own delicious cake is a very cruel world indeed. most, if not all, great times include friends, so i invited mine over to enjoy cake and have a drink or two or more and then somehow (i know exactly how) this ended up as a 90's hits dance/sing party. there is one picture to share:

wiw: march 12, 2010 - night

weird on so many levels but does show the intensity we were bringing as a group. we went to karaoke at trash bar which wasn't actually karaoke but a metal show (next time i'll call in advance). oh, and in case you were wondering why its called trash bar:

trash bar

so! then my dear friend kaitlin slept over and made me the best birthday breakfast. we're talking RESTAURANT QUALITY here folks!

birthday breakfast

naomi kaitlin and i savored the amazing brunch and then we had to put on some lady outfits to enjoy afternoon tea (how i chose to enjoy my adult birthday). naomi and i arrived on time despite the pouring rain and jiwon and denise were already waiting for us

tea party!

the place was so warm and magical and smelled SO GOOD. there were incredible candles and fresh flowers everywhere. maylis arrived and we were ready to be transported to lady land!

tea time!

take our picture!!

group shot 1

somehow everyone except for jiwon thinks that dressing like an adult means wearing all black. they fed us five courses of tea food and by the end we were basically bursting. the best part for me was, duh, the tea, but also: TINY SANDWICHES.


pouring tea

it was really so magical and i was so happy to have my friends there to share it with me, even if the waiter wasn't as pleased (he HATED us)

here i am making the best of the rain:

best picture of the night

and then the night went on and on and on (i really don't recommend drinking four loko EVER) and somehow ended as most great nights end:

naomi hula

somehow after getting 2 hours of sleep and laying on the floor with my heart pounding all day, i managed to somehow study or just at least read for a midterm i had on monday. i crossed myself before i took the test and god really pulled out all the stops by granting me with a 94 on the test. thanks for looking out big dude. and i'm just content. working on some stuff regarding the happy cuties brand. working on some personal things. working some things out in my brain. enjoying idol more than ever (maybe i always enjoy it to the maximum actually) seeing both my parents this weekend. being reunited with loretta-louise. being reunited with the sun. reunited with my KILLER warm weather wardrobe. reunited with paul simon's graceland album. reunited with my bike, mr. maroon five. ready ready ready. not ready for being drug tested (wtf?!) in april, but thats a horse of an entirely different color, now isn't it?

i believe this post to be satiated now. til next time!