Friday, October 31, 2008

burn like august, shine like golddust

halloween tomorrow, and i just realized i have no eyelash adhesive! major faux pas! heading to the city to play play play vote. voting! the election! it almost (almost) overshadows halloween on a friday. what an exciting time!

moving on, moving on, the main reason for this entry was not to share my lack of lash glue with you, no, but to share a video with you, and talk about my unyielding desire to be a 1950's opry singer a la goldie hill or really any of the carter sisters other than june (too punchy)

so, i know i talk often about "born too late" (and we're talking like....40 years too late here) and how really i belong in a time where hips and updo's ruled. try as i may, i cannot shake this feeling. i want to make the best of these times, but really, who sings in unison these days? i figure, if i keep working on my two step, and my finger curls, i can make some sort of fantasy/reality for myself at some point.

okay then! here's to the next few days, and eating delicious sandwiches aplenty!

love to the hills,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


last night i was laying in bed with a mind full of thoughts and suddenly it hit me. I CANNOT SIT DOWN IN MY COSTUME. superb! way to go brains! how will i pee? fuuuuuuckkkkk.
truthfully, i already thought of a (kind of) solution.

and then there's this:

i wish this was a joke

are you kidding me?

to top it off, i would like to know, am i the only person under the age of 45 who thoroughly enjoys dancing with the stars? like i said last time...i already am 80. today i even wore clothes fit for a grandma (like thats any different than my normal wardrobe)


Monday, October 27, 2008

down to the valley, gonna teach the children how to play

i have been working on my halloween costume all weekend, and i just finished the painting. its possible i may need to go in and fix a few painting slips, and i also want to make some kind of necklace so that it will be more obvious what i am supposed to be.
but here is the costume so far:

paper doll costume

and here is the inspiration:


yikes! so.....yikes!

its been basically dark all day today, maybe this is natures foreshadowing. i think i may make like the birds this year. come january you may find me brown as a berry sipping some sort of coconut concoction just takin it keasy. its possible!

now that i've finished my project, i think i can begin my day. night. whatever.

Friday, October 24, 2008

i don't know who i'm kidding because i already am eighty

if you watch this you can see the beginnings of my halloween costume! 2008!

its 9:30 and i am debating going to sleep.

Monday, October 20, 2008

you do something to me that i can't explain

this is currently bringing endless amounts of joy into my world:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

may you never

i wish i could talk about my trip every day all day.
i feel fortunate to be here, in a peaceful reflective place, rather than in new york where it is much harder for things to stick or penetrate.
i like to remember small moments in random order.
things i couldn't take pictures of.
the cowboy in that gas station in mississippi, swimming in all those pools: des moines, memphis, naples, las vegas, waking up in the freezing cold night after night, the fog in northern california that made everything feel so much more significant, all of those animals!

i want to tell you every story all at once. i want to relive the entire thing every single day in 24 hours. i miss feeling so free, but i do feel like now that i know what i am capable of, its that much easier to do it again. and you know what? i think i will. its funny people are always calling me negative, because really, i am an eternal optimist. i believe people are good, and i believe that is what i saw. most every interaction i had was positive and restored my faith in goodness. now if i could only find a husband.

just a few for good measure (these are real film photos!):






Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sleeping in a big barn bed

i am so tired!
kaitlin paid me a surprise visit this saturday-monday and it was so nice to have a friend and it was here and gone just like that. it really feels like it may have been a dream! but we really crammed in the stuff, so we did a lot in a short span of time.

i finally got some good ebay pictures and i have a ton of stuff up (well...15 things but that is a lot for me) you may find beautiful stuff here:
please visit!

i am also going to show you some crappy digital pictures of weekend follies. i have a feeling that buying a digital camera for ebay purposes has unintentionally ruined my actual real photography. its really sad and i truthfully hate digital cameras, but when i was on my trip it felt like a great way to stay connected. i'm having severe mixed feelings about the entire thing. wah!
here they are:
curried couscous salad
a delicious couscous salad that i made and then devoured

georgian eggs
georgian eggs made by the cook at the miss albany diner. you can not believe how incredible this tastes. a bed of sweet potato hash topped with scrambled eggs and peanut sauce!

indian ladder
indian ladder farms. where i have always gone to pick apples. apparently its also where everyone else goes. when did this happen??

thatcher park
an old pavilion where i would like to have a dance party at thatcher park in voorheesville, ny.

thatcher park
view from thatcher park. peak of fall! voorheesville, ny.

the end!
much love!

Friday, October 10, 2008

this is the town and these are the people

i just want to say:

now that i've traveled the entire country (!) so many things make more sense to me.
i meet a band from san antonio and it just makes more sense. music makes more sense. people make more sense!

i think about the desert almost daily.

in other news: i am seeking out and finding new music that feels right to me now. it might even be current(!) make me take those dancing lessons! make me go back to nashville! make me go back to the swamp! i will not turn down those dance requests this time!

this one goes out to that little kid who knew all the words to every top 40 country song blaring out over that hot hot murky pool with the cottonwood seeds in clumps along each wall. to all the places stuck in the corners. to finding life, losing life, and then the rediscovery.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes

what a time what a life.
so this weekend was actually an eventful and fun one!
friday i woke up early - as has been the case for most days of the past 2 weeks, and drove to poughkeepsie to get the train to the city. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that parking in the parking garage was only $2.50! arrived an hour late due to train engine troubles. visited with my old therapist, picked up my film (33 rolls!), bought a pair of tights, got an underarm wax, went up to conde to finally see my old co-workers there, then off to greenpoint with maylis to go to farmer's gallery opening.
magically the events of the day had fit together in such a nice way that i felt good and managed to keep a smile on my face and mean it for virtually the entire night. i even got to eat my favorite sandwich from hana foods!
woke up in kaitlin's bed, spent a few hours telling road stories to her roommates. its so nice to talk about my trip. i didn't really do enough of that. walked back to maylis' to get my film and beauty products and then g to the 7 to grand central. another train ride and car ride and i was home again all within about 30 hours. whirlwind indeed!

so then last night my only albany friend meg had a birthday party. so i arrived just a bit late. its tricky here how you have to go out and try to have fun but then think about getting your car back home. i hate that! i will need to live in a place where you can walk to a nice place and get a drink. anyways, i was very tired at this party, so i left after dinner and that was fine. meg was having a great time and i'm glad she had such a nice birthday.

today i slept and slept, and then helped my dad measure the driveway (don't ask). we found out about an apple tree on our neighbors lawn, so now i can get apples. there's also a quince tree! what can i do with a quince? then when we were walking back from the apple tree there was a GIANT snake in the driveway! yikes! he tried to bite us! that asshole. my dad got him out of the way with a stick and i was running around and making noises. it was such a nice day today that i decided to go to the town park to take a walk on these trails i used to love when i was younger. thankfully, they were as cool as i remembered them, which doesn't happen often.
so to end this long, and i'm sure quite boring, entry, i will post some beautiful pictures from my walk. i would love to call it a hike, but i think it was really a walk. anyways, here they are, goodnight.

barn in glenmont

this old house