Friday, June 27, 2008

clueless halfwits about to get their dreams shattered

bay areaaaaaaaaaa
god i am exhausted. the exhaustion feels neverending. it is like a giant bear that sits on my body all day every day. see? i don't even make sense! today was an AWFUL day. christ was it bad! first my grandma woke me up. quit it! then when we left i backed my car into this stupid planter in the MIDDLE of the parking lot. WHY IS THERE A TREE BEHIND A GARAGE??? it makes no sense and the tree was really wimpy, too wimpy to even see. scratched my bumper really bad and its like a battle wound from a stupid battle. what a bummer.

meanwhile, we were packing up the packages to send out to my customers or whatever, and begin driving, after the mishap, to the post office. then we hear this noise, something on the roof sort of. anyways, whatever, didn't think anything of it, but then naomi says "hey b, where are those shoes?" and right away my stomach sank. i knew what the noise on the roof was. i immediately began to cry. the kind of cry that comes from something other than a shoe flying off the roof and onto the freeway. the kind of cry that comes from 2 months of constant exhaustion and a grandma in the passenger seat saying she wanted to leave the car because she was getting a bad feeling from me. my makeup went into my eyes and was burning so badly i couldn't drive any longer. naomi took over and then we went back to look for the shoe. found it a mile or so down the road got out and grabbed it. MUTILATED. i think no more than 2 cars ran it over, but 2 was enough to break the heel off and rip the ankle strap. plus it is covered in tire marks. oh yes, one shoe was still on the roof! anyways, cry cry cry. all day practically.

okay now i am asleep i guess and tomorrow we are driving to berkeley and then sf to meet kiki and have a night on the town finally. i am very excited but i hope that i can shape up. we have lots of driving to get to eugene oregon.

time for bed.
much love and please send me some positive thoughts so my bad luck goes away.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dun da da da

so we went on the price is right today, and MAN was it F U N. we didn't win big, but we had so much fun and laughed and sang and danced. please dont hate me because of that video.

Friday, June 20, 2008

slow ride, take it easy

day 52!!!!

PACIFIC OCEAN WE MADE IT!!! i almost cried at the sight of the opposite ocean. i cannot believe we are finally here! although it isn't our ultimate "goal" or "destination" i suppose it is a destination within itself. the sense of accomplishment, however small the feat may seem, was great. and i am proud of myself. can you imagine that? i would like to list things that have and have not happened. but i will not. for fear that these things may or may not happen because of said list. maybe i will make one at the very very end, whenever that may be.

so we are spending the night tonight in costa mesa, ca, in an old rv that no longer runs. it is cozy and i am happy to be sleeping for free, which is harder in practice than it sounds. tomorrow we head to LA where we will be staying with olivia's mom. very excited for that as well.

last night we camped in the joshua tree along with our swiss friend jan, who we have been affectionately calling "juan" for the past two days. joshua tree was so beautiful and the fact that we didn't get eaten by rattlesnakes or coyotes makes it even better. i saw the most giant bunny i have ever seen! and we saw lots of quails and when they sat in the joshua trees it looked like a scene straight out of a dr. seuss book. those birds were always in a hurry! drove through miles and miles and MILES of nothing desert to get to joshua tree. it was weirdly beautiful but as the needed on the gas fell lower and lower i began to grow tired of the vast nothing. even saw the ground on both sides as WHITE sand but with huge cracks in it because it was SO DRY. now we are in a place with moisture in the air! saw condensation on the cars this evening and had a silent internal smile knowing my nose would stop hurting FINALLY. it already has, in fact.

what else?! the road goes on and on and on, it seems. and we are just trucking on, i suppose. tomorrow our direction turns to NORTH. wow! for the first time yet on this trip i will be consistently driving north for days and days and days. weeks even! i am hoping the coast air will cure this strange rash type thing that has broken out only on the underside of my left forearm. its very strange and VERY itchy. if anyone ever wondered if you can bathe in calamine lotion, i am here to answer wholeheartedly "yes"

i would love to include some pictures in this here post, but, whaddayaknow, i am only 51% complete on my flickr. and i dont realllllly want to wait. so! you will just have to visit on your very own. can you manage that? lots of nice stuff there: OUR HAUNTED HOTEL (can you believe we survived that?!), the hoover dam, las vegas, joshua tree, and some stuff from today even. don't you want to see the pacific ocean??!?

goodnight to you, my trusty readers after all these months.
much love from the left coast,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

we're alive!!!

kingman, az is a BAD place. couldn't leave fast enough. although we went shopping at the salvo and had some coffee at a pretty leisurly pace. went to the hoover dam. DAM ITS BIG. hit 112 degrees on the thermostat on our drive to vegas. staying with an old friend of my dad's who is treating us very very kindly. tomorrow we are going to see cirque du soleil! wee! i told her i want to "pull some slots" feeling a little punchy lately (as kathy jean would say), and man! the words that come out of my mouth! you wouldn't believe what i've been saying!

we plan to spend the next 2 days here and then drive through the joshua tree and hopefully camp there and then to costa mesa for the RTN initiation of sorts, and the LA! the promised land! ha. i just cant wait to be at the ocean. this desert air is killing me! everything feels so D-R-Y.

i'm about ready to finally have a great night's sleep when there isn't a train passing by every hour, or haunted spirits, or sunshine streaming into my EYES, or a wind storm, or goats, turtles, sheep, rv's, highways, heat, bugs, dirt, etc etc etc. SERIOUSLY. last night was the SCARIEST night of my LIFE. MY ENTIRE LIFE. never again. NEVER AGAIN. kingman arizona is honestly a ghost town. and one i never hope to return to, at that. i would never even WISH that upon someone i hated. well.... maybe if someone was really awful i would send them to kingman as some sort of PRISON. christ!

did i mention how me and naomi have been crossing ourselves any time we see a cross on the side of the road? i started it, and i think we're pretty good at it now. do you think its bad to do that if you don't really believe in god? i think of it more as a thought for whoever met their untimely death in that place. i think of it as a nice gesture. i hope it actually is.

also, we haven't seen any bull elk, scorps, or big horned sheep. WHERE ARE THEY? the scorps i could maybe do without, but the bull elk and the big horns we NEED to see. come out!

alright, its time to retire.
sin city! pullin slots! win big! send me a cross!


Monday, June 16, 2008

i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end

christ, i feel like i haven't written a good journal entry in ages. honestly i am just so EXHAUSTED. and tonight i thought we could get a proper night's sleep but NO we are apparently staying in a haunted hotel. WHAT THE FUCK THE WEBSITE DID NOT SAY THAT. so we are in this little bed basically throwing up listening to noises above us that please dear god please are coming from an actual living human. we made a video. the train passes by (it may as well pass through the center of our room) every hour or so. santa fe railroad!

its been a very crazy and eventful number of days since we have left austin. we are in kingman, arizona now and tomorrow we will once again cross state lines and enter NEVADA. jury's still out on the appropriate pronunciation of nevada, but maybe if we hear some locals say it we will learn the answer.

TONS OF PICTURES on my flickr: please visit! i do not have the energy to copy and paste and i apologize for that, but there are some GEMS. our video is below and please watch it. all six minutes. maybe it will be fun or funny?

and maybe sometime soon i will be able to write a proper blog. blargh. we can't wait for the golden state! i need the ocean air so badly. we are dry from head to toe. my mouth and nose feel like the desert, basically. and i never want to return to the grand canyon unless i am on a burro.

goodnight all! we may not sleep tonight, but we will have a story to tell!

Friday, June 13, 2008

oh give me land, lots of land

day 45:

not so much time on the internet right now. i only get wireless in the main building here, and it is shutting down in 5 minutes. santa fe, new mexico!
tomorrow we are leaving for the jemez mountains to soak in the hot springs, and then to albuquerque for the night and possibly the next night as well. there are TONS of new pictures on my flickr, but i am having a hard time motivating myself to copy and paste all the codes here. I AM SO EXHAUSTED. it is a never-ending exhaustion. i think it is some combination of the altitude, constant sun/heat, soaking in hot springs, and driving. maybe more factors as well. life is good though, and i can't imagine things any other way. happy to be in new mexico, and happy to have a free place to stay tomorrow night. also happy we have the next week and a half fairly planned out.

winslow/flagstaff, kingman, grand canyon, hoover dam, vegas, costa mesa, LA.

time's up!

much love from the land of enchantment!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i think it's day 44?

hello from carslbad,new mexico! the land of enchantment! after about 10 days in the lone star state, we have crossed an invisible line again into a new place!
we are about to take off, and i only have a tiny bit of time to write here.
saw the bats fly out of the cave last night and i cried. something about all those people sitting there silently watching these spirals of bats fly off in clouds into the night.

drove through west texas for two days. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. i want to return. post haste.

driving through el paso today and then to truth or consequences.
i have tons of pictures and even a video of our tent violently shaking fron the wind last night, but have no time to post them. maybe tonight?

the highs are around 105, but in the car on the highway we reached 108. gas is steady at 4.09 in carlsbad, but we paid 4.26 somewhere in texas the other day. everything is giant and we are seeing snakes, jackrabbits, prarie dogs, and ringtails. no scorps yet!

gotta run, hopefully you will hear from me again soon,


p.s. 5500 miles and going strong!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the stars at night, are big and bright

hello from the lone star state! we left the pelican state on monday after an amazing time in lafayette.
we are now in houston. what a STRANGE place. will i return here? maybe??
we are staying with a friend that used to live in new york, dustin, who now lives in houston. he is a peach! unfortunately, after our first night at dustin's house, the power was turned off, and now we are staying at his friend lee's house. it is so nice here! she lives in a 4 story condo and we have our very own floor and bathroom with a FANCY shower. we are going to leave tomorrow morning for san antonio! (there's no basement in the alamo)

houston is so weird. we have been meeting the most bizarre characters, and last night at a bar called "poison girl" we met even MORE of them. full of weirdos!

we have been eating really cheap mexican food and drinking lots of lone star. we tried to find the reality bites house, but couldn't. bummer!!! yesterday we swam in an amazing pool all day. it is SO HOT here.

i will post some pictures later. promise.

love from texas,

p.s. everything IS bigger in texas!

Monday, June 2, 2008

geaux cajuns!

so....i am in acadiana, and it is CA-JUN! no, but really...we are definitely near the swamp, and things are flavored crawfish and gator. PLUS everyone dances two-step to cajun music, and really i maybe want to live here forever, other than maybe i would be sick of it after a week. or maybe a month.

new orleans was CRAZY. i mean CRAZY. i don't actually know what to say about it. my cousin katie was excellent enough to put us up for a few nights at her place (so cute) on st charles ave. we met up with my brit friend kieran on frenchman street and hit up a few bars, and a few liquor stores, with him. good to see him again, and maybe will see him AGAIN in san fran? california? somewhere over there.

i made a video of tonight, and can't wait to share it with you. i love the bayou. am i even in the bayou? i am listening to french cajun music right now, and we bought the cd, so maybe i will find a way to share it with you.

goodnight, houston tomorrow, more when i have time, i hope i have time.

Bianca (and Naomi!)