Thursday, March 27, 2008

feel like i'm falling...

well well well, the new york post has done it again!

take a gander at this week's gem (SO RIGHT ON):

"There's a point in most children's lives where they have to admit to themselves that their imaginary friends aren't real. This can happen to adults too, except for grown-ups, those imaginary friends are usually super-imposed upon real people you know. Without realizing it, you impart entirely made-up qualities onto people who simply don't posses them. It's amazing how long these delusions can continue despite a total lack of supporting evidence——sometimes until they are brutally shattered by some real-life event that completely negates any plausible deniability. You don't have to wait until the shit hits the fan, though. This week open your eyes, and do your best to see at least one of your imaginary friends for who they really are."

Incredible! The shit DID hit the fan, however, but I think I can manage to come out on the up and up in this case.
Today is my last full day in New York, and I am still scrambling to get everything into a box or bag. I am taking a break (obviously) and feel like I am losing steam fast. I think I will put some food in my mouth right quick, and then plug on.

Best of everything to everyone,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

its been a long time, now i'm coming back home

my horoscope from the new york press:

"You're swimming in a murky green pond. It's so full of messy life that you can't see more than a foot in any direction, and have no idea what might be lurking beneath your unprotected toes. Normally this situation would fill you with unease or even horror, but I hope this week you can trust me enough to relax and enjoy yourself. There are no sharks down there, of course. There aren't even snakes or leeches. Acutally, what's hiding beyond your sight are delights and pleasant surprises, believe it or not. All you have to do is relax, enjoy yourself, and wait until they swim up to nibble on your toes."

WOW! i love when things are so dead on like that. really.
what's so nice is the press is a free paper. so now every glass and mug i own are wrapped up in that horoscope. m e a n t t o b e


p.s. eight days...

we'll come into your town, we'll help you party it down

today today today today: get moving!
i am bumming around the house. need to go get newspaper to pack my dishes in. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY DISHES?!
i have packed 2 boxes of books, a huge box of cds (CDS?!?), a box of summer shoes, and a box of vhs. today i have a great and many tasks to cross off my list, including: take shower, and get newspaper.
man, life sure is hard.

my little cousin serena is officially on board for the whole of florida and we are both so giddy about it! i can't wait to have special cousin time inside the belly of good old loretta-louise.

i made a decision yesterday to officially live a life dream and order tickets to see the price is right in june. HA! i know it sucks without bob, but maybe i will win big! winning is the real goal, so bob, or no bob, i will take burbank by storm.

okay, enough sitting around in my fucking pajamas. this is disgraceful.

Friday, March 14, 2008

so today, the day after my twenty-fifth birthday, my parents picked up loretta-louise from the dealership and drove her home. very nice parents, and i CANNOT wait to drive that little lady around.

today also marks my last day of my first "real" job. cue weeping, again. i am perpetually crying, it feels. but walking home from the bar last night i felt at peace and ready to say "ta ta for now" to new york, and that's more than i could ask for really. i'll let you know how i feel 2 weeks from now. i reserved the moving truck for march 28th. YIKES!


ooooh also! my studio family gave me a GPS for my bye-bye present and its just so thoughtful! they are really the nicest people. i will miss them greatly.