Monday, April 28, 2008

live how you want to be loved

i truthfully doubt that anyone reads this, BUT nonetheless, here i go again.
i am leaving in 2 days! yikes! ha! should be funny. i am waiting to hear from a friend in pennsylvania to see if i can stay with him on my first night. he lives outside allentown, in a place called bethlehem, pa. and since i currently reside in bethlehem, ny, i think this will be a very fitting first day. i can't wait!

So, that's gonna do it for now. blogger is painful slow right now.i will try to post again before i shove off for good. i am trying to arrange a little christening for loretta-louise on tuesday night with my 2 friends in albany. we'll see how that turns out. if it does happen i'll try to get a picture or two.

OH also today i learned to change a tire and check my oil and ride down a mountain in low gear! wee! i am still covered in dirt, i guess no time like the present to get used to being dirty.

okay, THE END!
love love,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

no sharks!

so....i officially decided to leave on april 30th. excellent! twelve days from now until then to do all the stupid stuff i have to do. crazy! i haven't begun preparing at all, so i really need to get on the ball and not fall off for the next 5 months basically.

naomi officially decided to meet me in new orleans. so she will be doing that around the 28th of may. can't wait! this way i have some time alone, some time with my family in florida, and lots of time to explore all the rich retirees clothes along the coast of florida with my baby cousin. its something i really can't begin to understand, but i'm sure it will all be revealed soon enough...

anyways, time to get on with my long day full of errands.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

why don't you come to your senses?

so it is wednesday. there isn't that much on my agenda this week. i want to try to get out to the latham salvation army tomorrow. little scared about that one, but i went on the thruway by myself for the first time this morning, so....i'm sure it couldn't be much different than that to get myself to latham. i'll use my gps i guess.

friday morning i think i am going out to penn state with shannon and courtney (two girls i went to high school with) to see another high school friends senior thesis show there. that, i think, will be a good precursor for me. get me prepared for long drives, even though i won't be driving this time around.

what else....maybe a picture just to break up the monotony of this page? yes!
here is the street i currently live on: mosher rd

and here is the street i grew up on:
louise street

should be enough for now. ebay is going fine. not as much coming in as i would like, but i think i'd better get used to that, because i think it might just be the way it is.


Monday, April 7, 2008

and little early-pearly came by in his curly-wurly

mom's house

that is the house i grew up in and the car parked in the drive is mine! ALL MINE!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

ugh. i think i might hate driving. i am still sweating over the hour long drive i took over an hour ago where (among other things) an old lady gave me the middle finger.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

for the queen to use

i am headed to the post office in glenmont, ny now (12207) to mail out 3 packages to my lovely customers. one package has two pairs of shoes because one customer bought 2 pairs of shoes in one night! what a doll!

yesterday i officially filed a DBA (doing business as) at the albany county clerk's office. so from here on out, please refer to me as "Happy Cuties". the best part is, i handed the lady the form and she goes "are you starting a day care?" yes, why yes i am.
ha. but if i ever need a new path in life to follow, its good to know my business name will translate to childcare. god knows i have enough friends who babysit to staff that sort of operation any day.

all in all, life is moving much slower up here, and i am finding it a little rough adjusting. small tasks fill barely fill each day, and each night ends with me curled up in my bed reading books about cross-country travel and trying to wrap my head around the fact that i may just write a book like that one day.

time to get back in the car.
all the best to you and yours,