Tuesday, June 30, 2009

would you like to come along? you can help me sing my song!

hello and hi from buffalo, ny: an all-america city!
(albany is this too and i'm not sure why it isn't all-american, but this is what the sign says and this is what i relay to you, my faithful readers)

i don't know how poetic i can be about driving on i-90 across the width of new york state. the first hour is really beautiful through the leatherstocking region, following the mohawk. then it gets kind of boring, but i promise it is nowhere near as boring as iowa and i am dreading iowa already. can it be evaporated???

today it was pouring and pouring and then streaming and then POURING, and i mostly entertained myself by singing really really loudly and making up stories about the drivers around me. at one point a pickup full of boys was in front of me and they opened their back window and one kid leaned out and mouthed something at me. i didn't catch his drift. it happened another time and i figured out he was saying "you are cool!" i laughed out loud so much and gave him the "a-ok" hand sign. he was pleased with that, and i was pleased with being cool. i looked like this:

this is right before someone told me i was cool

i was also dancing in the car to some disco shit so i think that had a lot to do with it. and i think he really truly thought i was cool.

one lady LOVED dogs and had dog stickers all over her white van and even had a dog license plate! (kentucky). most of the plates i saw were new york, there were some new jersey, and some pennsylvania, massachusetts and connecticut as well. pretty typical. although i did see an oklahoma and a few texas and that one kentucky i mentioned with all the dogs.

the drive from syracuse west is farming, as you might expect, but not as many cows as i would have liked. corn mostly and some other things that grow low to the ground in tidy rows. the tidy rows are so nice when you drive by because they make geometric patterns and trick your eyes. it reminded me of driving past the vineyards in northern california. so tidy!

i arrived in a surprisingly chilly buffalo around 6:30 and i found a giant thrift store and bought some crap,

giant thrift store!

i really tried to edit my stuff but still managed to spend $45. not sure how that is possible. i did score what appears to be a complete mall madness! excellent! i've been trying to replace it ever since my dad threw my beloved set away years ago. why you would throw away a perfectly good talking game is beyond me!

this post is coming to you from a cozy bed at fernando's mom, denise's house, in amherst, just outside of buffalo. she fed me a lovely dinner and we talked about mexico and now i am feeling so tired and ready to sleep sleep sleep and dream about who knows what!

my drive tomorrow is just over five hours and since its wednesday i am looking hit up a few salvation army's here in buffalo and then a few in toledo as well. family day! half off the whole store! ohhhhh the possibilities!

i'll leave you with some standard road shots:

i-90 rest stop

beech nut factory

pouring rain i-90 west

until tomorrow! xoxo!

don't hesitate, this dream can pass just as fast as lightning


this is going to be a bit frantic, as thats my mood currently, running about looking for this book, that charger, these vitamins; i'm sure you know how packing at the last minute goes.

i'm certain something vital is going to be left behind.

the schedule goes like this:
erie (?)

how lovely! i'm a bit nervous, which seems strange considering at this point last year i was in the pacific northwest and had been traveling for over two months already and this trip is only sixteen days. but feelings are feeling people! i'm bringing 5 pairs of shoes and i'm going to blow through thrift stores all across i-90 from here to the mississippi, so i expect to return with at least quadruple this number. of course i need more stuff, don't even question it!

lu has been really moving on all cylinders lately and i think she knows we are about to speed west. i'm not kidding. she is psychic! trust!

so tomorrow i am leaving with just miss bliss and brenda as company, and i cannot find my bluetooth charger so don't expect a call. i have a mind goal of writing one post per day while i am rolling to fully capture the experience but don't hold me to it because you just never know what may happen.

i had a good sendoff tonight with a giant ice cream sundae at the jericho with christine and paul. i showed them the garden and they tried their best to look interested. just wait til you see their faces when i am eating fresh string beans and not sharing! ha! i also need to say that we went bowling last week and i am so LAZY that you haven't seen anything about it yet. i might be less motivated because i lost both games. its possible.

let's see something, shall we?


its only a sunset over lake calhoun in minneapolis. don't worry!



and that's it! that's all you have to endure! praise the lord!

i'll be seein y'all real soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i can't explain, the feelings plain to me (say, can't you see)

oh, i'm sorry, have you ever met my dream man???

are you interested in what my dream looks like? let's be honest, it would look just like this:


so happy birthday sir macca, you are a true genius and as far as i'm concerned, everything you touch is gold. mac on a terrible day is someone else on a stellar one. a legend among men! here's to 67 more! (and please no more facelifts.)

wait, this was going to be over but i don't believe i've fully expressed my love. not only to i love the beatles (duh, you're made of stone if you don't - and i stand by this to the grave) but i think solo mac is true genius (while the majority of solo lennon i cannot say the same of) and then there is WINGS. oh sweet wings. my true dream! imagine finding the woman (or man) of your dreams. you start a family. then you start a band. you tour the perfect scottish countryside singing and playing music together and have baby noises as undertones in your albums. i mean (!!!) this is my dream! i cannot put into words how deep my love for macca (and wings) runs. know that it is deeper than deep. please know this and if you are my friend remember it. paul. and if you think differently, i'd be happy to talk to you about it (yell, rather) and you'll excuse me if i label you as uneducated or just plain stupid.

okay! i think its good now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

as daydreams slide to color from shadow

quick quick quck! i have to leave for the co-op in ten minutes, but i'd like to update my readers (apparently i have these!) about watts goin down.

i picked up the cat today, she is officially a girl. everyone at my uncle's office loved her and said she was such a good cat. she's sleeping off all the poking and prodding that happened today. TRAUMA! her name is maisy dandelion buchanan. duh!

still working on tagging/pricing things for the flea. i still need clothes racks, and i need to figure out my layout for my 10x10 space. hopefully i can get this cat semi-comfortable on the leash by sunday and bring her with so she doesn't have to sit alone all day, plus a 2 pound kitten is sure to boost my sales.

also still working on my drive plans for my minnesota trip. do i need to fix my a/c? is it necessary? does it really save on gas mileage? ugh cars are EXPENSIVE. so are cats, come to think of it.

time's up!
pictures are coming soon. pinky promise.

Friday, June 5, 2009

all my cares just drift right into space

a conversation with matt hollister about my night (he's in bold):

tonight i hung out with my first kiss
and i think he kissed one of my friends? which is really funny
i'll ask him tomorrow
wait did i tell you what i did tonight???
they were playing free downtown on the river
so listen
so i decided, well i'm gonna get my mom to drive me, because it will be impossible to find parking
but then my mom was a bitch
so i got a ride with my friend and her dad
we thought it was at the empire state plaza
so we drove there and parked in the underground lot
and we came out of this stairway onto the plaza, and it was SILENt
we went to the wrong place!
so then we drove by the place where it was
and it was so crowded
we were like, fuck that
even though i ws SO SAD
because i saw third eye blind about a month ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life
so anyways
i was really sad but christines dad was driving and he was going to buy us beer
so i just went with it
i feel like you told this story once in '96
anyways so we went to this place and got beer and then i got drunk
it was good then
anyways so then we decided to walk to this apartment that my first kiss and his friends were at
so we were walking downtown on this street that has a jillians, you know, the adult arcade
and i saw this guy wearing glasses and a hat, and in my mind i thought, wow that looks like john popper
and before i even knew what i was doing i was saying "can i shake your hand?"
and he said "sure!"
and then we shook hands and then i ran away in complete joy
it was so awesome
i was nervous for like 3 hours after
why would you be nervous AFTER?
i literally ran away laughing
it was so awesome
because it all happened so fast
you made his night
it was like a surprise party!
he suddenly felt relevent again
no way
he is awesome
is he not fat anymore?

tonight was awesome.

Monday, June 1, 2009

inside out, upside down

just so you know:

visited 40 states (80%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

still trying to figure out this cat thing. it doesn't help that it looks like this:

kitty in the corner

got things settled with the albany flea today, now i need to price my merch and talk to my accountant to figure out makes these kinds of sales different than online sales in terms of taxes and such. plus i need to figure out my "booth" and maybe get some kind of banner. i think maybe i will paint on fabric? any suggestions for making my booth pretty? display suggestions and such? i'm not going to have a tent in the beginning, just some racks and a table. so......think about it.

okay, i have a pretty busy day tomorrow so i suppose its time to get to bed. i'll be seein y'all real soon.