Wednesday, June 10, 2009

as daydreams slide to color from shadow

quick quick quck! i have to leave for the co-op in ten minutes, but i'd like to update my readers (apparently i have these!) about watts goin down.

i picked up the cat today, she is officially a girl. everyone at my uncle's office loved her and said she was such a good cat. she's sleeping off all the poking and prodding that happened today. TRAUMA! her name is maisy dandelion buchanan. duh!

still working on tagging/pricing things for the flea. i still need clothes racks, and i need to figure out my layout for my 10x10 space. hopefully i can get this cat semi-comfortable on the leash by sunday and bring her with so she doesn't have to sit alone all day, plus a 2 pound kitten is sure to boost my sales.

also still working on my drive plans for my minnesota trip. do i need to fix my a/c? is it necessary? does it really save on gas mileage? ugh cars are EXPENSIVE. so are cats, come to think of it.

time's up!
pictures are coming soon. pinky promise.

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