Tuesday, June 30, 2009

would you like to come along? you can help me sing my song!

hello and hi from buffalo, ny: an all-america city!
(albany is this too and i'm not sure why it isn't all-american, but this is what the sign says and this is what i relay to you, my faithful readers)

i don't know how poetic i can be about driving on i-90 across the width of new york state. the first hour is really beautiful through the leatherstocking region, following the mohawk. then it gets kind of boring, but i promise it is nowhere near as boring as iowa and i am dreading iowa already. can it be evaporated???

today it was pouring and pouring and then streaming and then POURING, and i mostly entertained myself by singing really really loudly and making up stories about the drivers around me. at one point a pickup full of boys was in front of me and they opened their back window and one kid leaned out and mouthed something at me. i didn't catch his drift. it happened another time and i figured out he was saying "you are cool!" i laughed out loud so much and gave him the "a-ok" hand sign. he was pleased with that, and i was pleased with being cool. i looked like this:

this is right before someone told me i was cool

i was also dancing in the car to some disco shit so i think that had a lot to do with it. and i think he really truly thought i was cool.

one lady LOVED dogs and had dog stickers all over her white van and even had a dog license plate! (kentucky). most of the plates i saw were new york, there were some new jersey, and some pennsylvania, massachusetts and connecticut as well. pretty typical. although i did see an oklahoma and a few texas and that one kentucky i mentioned with all the dogs.

the drive from syracuse west is farming, as you might expect, but not as many cows as i would have liked. corn mostly and some other things that grow low to the ground in tidy rows. the tidy rows are so nice when you drive by because they make geometric patterns and trick your eyes. it reminded me of driving past the vineyards in northern california. so tidy!

i arrived in a surprisingly chilly buffalo around 6:30 and i found a giant thrift store and bought some crap,

giant thrift store!

i really tried to edit my stuff but still managed to spend $45. not sure how that is possible. i did score what appears to be a complete mall madness! excellent! i've been trying to replace it ever since my dad threw my beloved set away years ago. why you would throw away a perfectly good talking game is beyond me!

this post is coming to you from a cozy bed at fernando's mom, denise's house, in amherst, just outside of buffalo. she fed me a lovely dinner and we talked about mexico and now i am feeling so tired and ready to sleep sleep sleep and dream about who knows what!

my drive tomorrow is just over five hours and since its wednesday i am looking hit up a few salvation army's here in buffalo and then a few in toledo as well. family day! half off the whole store! ohhhhh the possibilities!

i'll leave you with some standard road shots:

i-90 rest stop

beech nut factory

pouring rain i-90 west

until tomorrow! xoxo!

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Seth Odell said...

Looks fun so far! You should add a "few" miles on the end of your journey and swing by southern california :)