Thursday, June 18, 2009

i can't explain, the feelings plain to me (say, can't you see)

oh, i'm sorry, have you ever met my dream man???

are you interested in what my dream looks like? let's be honest, it would look just like this:


so happy birthday sir macca, you are a true genius and as far as i'm concerned, everything you touch is gold. mac on a terrible day is someone else on a stellar one. a legend among men! here's to 67 more! (and please no more facelifts.)

wait, this was going to be over but i don't believe i've fully expressed my love. not only to i love the beatles (duh, you're made of stone if you don't - and i stand by this to the grave) but i think solo mac is true genius (while the majority of solo lennon i cannot say the same of) and then there is WINGS. oh sweet wings. my true dream! imagine finding the woman (or man) of your dreams. you start a family. then you start a band. you tour the perfect scottish countryside singing and playing music together and have baby noises as undertones in your albums. i mean (!!!) this is my dream! i cannot put into words how deep my love for macca (and wings) runs. know that it is deeper than deep. please know this and if you are my friend remember it. paul. and if you think differently, i'd be happy to talk to you about it (yell, rather) and you'll excuse me if i label you as uneducated or just plain stupid.

okay! i think its good now!

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