Monday, September 28, 2009

sunday night fitness vol. 1

a new tradition over here y'all.
we feel great!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

there's a million things to be

hello again to all my friends!

this will have to be quick and sweet because i am EXHAUSTED.
i drove up to albany this weekend to go to a show at the egg on friday night and attend lark fest with my buds on saturday and beyond. total blast had by all.

here are the highlights:

inside the egg

the egg! one of the best places on earth to see a show (i'm convinced at this point) i saw son volt on friday. how nice. did you know even the elevators are round? i hadn't had a chance to go home at all because i decided to go shopping at the salvation army (which proved to be the best decision i could have made, i got LOOT) so i had to carry a change of clothes with me to the show. when i went in the bathroom to change i realized i had lost one of the shirts i had brought (luckily i brought two). i ended up leaving the show a bit early and scanning the ground outside the egg for my black tank top. i had just about given up hope but then i saw it! lumped up on the steps down to the street. victory was mine!

lark fest 2009

saturday! cue the fried food! paul and christine picked me up and we headed to larkfest. for whatever reason i always liked larkfest more than tulip fest. this year was no different. we ate and drank and laughed and saw old friends! what could be better. throw in a bit of matt and kim pure happy and the day was really complete.

but it wasn't over yet! christine and i headed to monica's house to continue our drinking roll and have some good laughs.


we took our party on the town and around 1 am paul was kind enough to drive christine and i home again. what a peach.

foggy morning

sunday! didn't start so sunny but started mystically enough to call it a good day.

packed up my finds and met christine for lunch at an old childhood favorite we've been talking about visiting for a while:

toll gate

toll gate! named because it was once an actually toll gate. clever!
i should make a list of places that refuse to change because they deserve praise from the heavens for resisting this life force. more power to them!

toll gate interior

fish fry on fish placemat

fish fry and a shake on a fish placemat. i folded it up and took it out with me. identify the fish! i love you! i'm sorry i somehow stayed away from this place for so long. IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. its weird how you don't think you remember a place but then you get to it and its just so familiar. i wanted to live in it. forever. in the wooden phone booth. a troll who advocates remembering the past.

wow this is getting out of control. okay i'm going to leave you with this video that melts my heart in so many ways. its a young dolly peforming on the porter wagoner show. when she first joined the show the audience didn't accept her, they liked the girl she replaced much better. in a last ditch effort porter had her sing the mule skinner blues (a real trad number, you know) and bingo! love! if i can channel just a fraction of this happy love i will be golden golden.

goodnight (lady) muleskinners!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

start this off without any words





i feel like writing out lyrics to songs in some burst of grades 7-12 that i am channeling at this moment. maybe its because i had on a degrassi marathon and i fell asleep and absorbed their angst? i'm lounging in my milky green room that feels like having a garden party with your grandma and 3 of her most stylish and sassy friends. only i am alone. and blogging. last night maylis came by and we had a pretty typical night where we ate brownies and painted our nails and decorated my new apartment and then watched all the videos i made of myself singing when i was in the country. maylis told me she has known from the very beginning that we are linked by an "evil chain" and i definitely agree, there is an evil chain between us.

my new room

there's my room as it stood last weekend. its more complete now, and i will try to get some shots of my apartment. but until then, i must say goodbye and try to make something of my night. since i refuse to join more social networking sites i basically cannot stay connected in the modern way, so i have to either go it alone and hope i see people i know or sit in all night. triple wah, huh?

let's see what i can stir up. bye!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

for some it doesn't differ from the big dark valley

hello from a tired me.
i'm writing you from some kind of student lounge in the basement of the nyu dental center. i still can't exactly figure out how to open the door so someone has to let me in every time. this time the guy looked really disgruntled. what a jerk. still looking for my dentist husband but trying not to look like i'm looking. you know. i saw one today that would do, but he was potentially gay. gentist. okay forget i said that. let's see some photos!

let's eat this shrimpz

fried delights

ice cream is fun!

all streets are dead ends

kaitlin and i cruised up to city island on labor dabor to enjoy some fried skrimpz and ice cream and nautical bronx life. it was so fun! above is kaitlin and i, as seen by each other, and then some little snaps from around the island. ice cream is fun! kaitlin kept saying "city island is the best!" and its true because everything about it is good. i didn't see one bad thing! boats and birds and booze and buds!

beyond that, now i am in serious life. today is my third day of school and actually i have to depart for chemistry shortly. dental students are funny and dental hygiene students might be even more humorous. today i learned how to sit in my chair and seat my patient in their chair. i like the 8 o'clock position best for viewing the teeth. i've managed to friend some other "mature" students who have interesting backgrounds. i think i am okay doing this for the moment but ask me next week, it will probably change. i will definitely be happier once i get the more feminine lab coat with the nipped in waist to show off my girlish figure. no but really, how will i ever find a dentist husband if i am walking around in a boxy lab coat? i don't and won't ever wear scrubs so i already have a one up there. scrubzzzzz. barf! and i decided i am going to have cute hair accessories since it is probably the only way, other than shoes (which i have covered), to show my excellent personality.

that's all for now. i still don't know where this class is, so now i've got to find it! no school tomorrow and i've got a nice day lined up for myself. saturday i learn cpr all over again, so if you hang with me on saturday night know you are in good hands. love!

Monday, September 7, 2009

everything's moving, what's this feeling I'm under

i'm here. i survived another move. i wish that someone had all the answers to give me. doesn't everyone wish that? change is hard. change is HARD.

i realize i've been absent for quite awhile and i'd love to be accountable for that missing time. i'd love to tell the world that it won't happen again. that i'll be around. that i'll tell you all about my new (and noisy) life. but the truth is, i have not a goddamn clue what my life will be like in a mere thirty-six hours and i'm just sick about it. again: change? hard.

so i'm here now, like i said, riding on the crest of a wave of adrenaline and emotion that is now crashing into a shore called 'real life' so i cry at the drop of a hat. i'm trying not to completely lose it out here in this industrial east williamsburg where i decided to make my home? when i find my elvis believe you me i'm cantering to the country and never turning round. what follows is my visual tribute to a life of green. a life i hope to return to. i know i will return to. i hope i'm right. i'd better be right.






those were all taken on film about one year ago. now i'm going to call this quits and make some sleeping tea before i get crazy emotional on my fucking internet journal. see ya! my last hoorah is driving to city island tomorrow with some chicks to stuff our faces with cheap fried deliciousness along with all of the thugz in the boogiedown. can't wait. adieu dudes.