Saturday, September 12, 2009

start this off without any words





i feel like writing out lyrics to songs in some burst of grades 7-12 that i am channeling at this moment. maybe its because i had on a degrassi marathon and i fell asleep and absorbed their angst? i'm lounging in my milky green room that feels like having a garden party with your grandma and 3 of her most stylish and sassy friends. only i am alone. and blogging. last night maylis came by and we had a pretty typical night where we ate brownies and painted our nails and decorated my new apartment and then watched all the videos i made of myself singing when i was in the country. maylis told me she has known from the very beginning that we are linked by an "evil chain" and i definitely agree, there is an evil chain between us.

my new room

there's my room as it stood last weekend. its more complete now, and i will try to get some shots of my apartment. but until then, i must say goodbye and try to make something of my night. since i refuse to join more social networking sites i basically cannot stay connected in the modern way, so i have to either go it alone and hope i see people i know or sit in all night. triple wah, huh?

let's see what i can stir up. bye!


Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Saw that you are studying to be a dental hygienist. I am sure you will be great! Still, if that does not work out, you should be a photographer. Your pictures on this blog are very good.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

your bedroom is adorable...and i love love LOVE the first photograph.

Caroline said...

Beautiful photos and a huzzah for social-networking-site-joining-refusal. One must put one's foot down at some point.