Thursday, September 10, 2009

for some it doesn't differ from the big dark valley

hello from a tired me.
i'm writing you from some kind of student lounge in the basement of the nyu dental center. i still can't exactly figure out how to open the door so someone has to let me in every time. this time the guy looked really disgruntled. what a jerk. still looking for my dentist husband but trying not to look like i'm looking. you know. i saw one today that would do, but he was potentially gay. gentist. okay forget i said that. let's see some photos!

let's eat this shrimpz

fried delights

ice cream is fun!

all streets are dead ends

kaitlin and i cruised up to city island on labor dabor to enjoy some fried skrimpz and ice cream and nautical bronx life. it was so fun! above is kaitlin and i, as seen by each other, and then some little snaps from around the island. ice cream is fun! kaitlin kept saying "city island is the best!" and its true because everything about it is good. i didn't see one bad thing! boats and birds and booze and buds!

beyond that, now i am in serious life. today is my third day of school and actually i have to depart for chemistry shortly. dental students are funny and dental hygiene students might be even more humorous. today i learned how to sit in my chair and seat my patient in their chair. i like the 8 o'clock position best for viewing the teeth. i've managed to friend some other "mature" students who have interesting backgrounds. i think i am okay doing this for the moment but ask me next week, it will probably change. i will definitely be happier once i get the more feminine lab coat with the nipped in waist to show off my girlish figure. no but really, how will i ever find a dentist husband if i am walking around in a boxy lab coat? i don't and won't ever wear scrubs so i already have a one up there. scrubzzzzz. barf! and i decided i am going to have cute hair accessories since it is probably the only way, other than shoes (which i have covered), to show my excellent personality.

that's all for now. i still don't know where this class is, so now i've got to find it! no school tomorrow and i've got a nice day lined up for myself. saturday i learn cpr all over again, so if you hang with me on saturday night know you are in good hands. love!

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