Monday, September 7, 2009

everything's moving, what's this feeling I'm under

i'm here. i survived another move. i wish that someone had all the answers to give me. doesn't everyone wish that? change is hard. change is HARD.

i realize i've been absent for quite awhile and i'd love to be accountable for that missing time. i'd love to tell the world that it won't happen again. that i'll be around. that i'll tell you all about my new (and noisy) life. but the truth is, i have not a goddamn clue what my life will be like in a mere thirty-six hours and i'm just sick about it. again: change? hard.

so i'm here now, like i said, riding on the crest of a wave of adrenaline and emotion that is now crashing into a shore called 'real life' so i cry at the drop of a hat. i'm trying not to completely lose it out here in this industrial east williamsburg where i decided to make my home? when i find my elvis believe you me i'm cantering to the country and never turning round. what follows is my visual tribute to a life of green. a life i hope to return to. i know i will return to. i hope i'm right. i'd better be right.






those were all taken on film about one year ago. now i'm going to call this quits and make some sleeping tea before i get crazy emotional on my fucking internet journal. see ya! my last hoorah is driving to city island tomorrow with some chicks to stuff our faces with cheap fried deliciousness along with all of the thugz in the boogiedown. can't wait. adieu dudes.

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