Thursday, February 18, 2010

i forget what i should say, i forget what i should do

aside from a mean honky tonk affliction these days, i am basically just BOY CRAZY. all i think about allllllll day is BOYS. boys! boyyyyyssssssss. gah! its like a brain disease. boyzzzzzz.

so substitute "boys" for "you're" in this song and you'll have basically exactly everything about me right now:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

rain may fall for an hour or more but it doesn't matter

it was in love i was created and in love is how i hope i die

well another valentine's has come and gone, and i finally (after a two year hiatus) reinstated my annual themed party in honor of the celebration of love and all things pink! this year i chose 1940, a theme which i chose on a whim, and then really regretted, but in the end, like most other things, it turned out really excellent. allow me to share!

wiw: friday february 12, 2010: hoorah!

hey ladies

get in a line, ladies!

stephanie et bianca

if this were my boyfriend it would be an even cuter picture

hanging on the carpet

it was really such a nice time. thanks to everyone who could make it. next year will be the 70's because.....well because i won't have to spend 8 hours doing my hair.

saturday i went to the opera with my long-time valentine, stephanie porto. thanks also to my dad, for generously gifting the tickets to me. here are some blurry captures of our "rich people" outfits. really, stephanie called me a few days before and said "let's dress like we're rich" HOLLER. it was great because i needed an opportunity to wear this perfect mid 60's black lace number which i bought near my country house at a yard sale for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. you can gawk at my updo. don't worry. i was gawking too.

opera outfit: feb 13, 2010

stephanie in the coat room

the long weekend was filled with fun and friends, and my life is increasingly this way and decreasingly school-ways. oops! how can i concentrate on teeth with so many boyyyyyys around?? midterms are coming and if i survive, if i prevail, if i don't flunk out, my sense of self may be restored. i'm actually fairly smart. who knew??

i will leave you with this sweet small video created by denise as a valentine's present for me me me! you may view it here

love love love love love love!

happy valentine's day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

she's probably somebody's only light

here are some beautiful highlights from my weekly horoscope (brezsny) and monthly horoscope (miller)

"Be a flame of love, not a swamp of self-justification." brezsny

"Those born later, say, with birthdays that fall from March 7 to 20, found 2009 a very tough year. Now the universe will do a correction and send a plethora of opportunity, chances for outstanding happiness, and reward.

You are certainly entering one of your best years of your life. February will lift the curtain to show you just how dramatically your life can change for the better...We only get seven years like this in a lifetime, and one of the gang of seven fortunate years has just begun on January 17.

What would you like to happen next? If the phone were to ring now, who would be calling, and what would they say to you? Dream big, Pisces! This year will bring a huge difference over last year! Finally you are coming into your own and you won't have to deal with so many difficult people. Your health will improve noticeably, too. The universe has not forgotten you, dear Pisces! Quite the opposite, the universe is about to take very good care of you and shower you with reward for all you've been through.

No matter when your birthday falls, it is clear that you're entering a new phase, dear Pisces. If by the end of last year you closed the door on many activities and said adieu to many people, that is how it was to be. You are now getting ready to start a whole new chapter, one that will be bright and happy and far better than the phase you just left. What a wonderful gift the cosmos has for you this year! " miller

crap is that awesome or what? but now the problem is, i'm having complete performance anxiety. it says feb 27th is going to be one of the best days of my life. how can i live with that kind of pressure?!? thanks a lot susan miller!

i'm going to bed now. treating my first random patient tomorrow and boy am i niiiiiiiivous. going to channel all of my good times pisces vibes and pray to the spirits that i don't cut off her papilla.

love all y'all!