Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it was in love i was created and in love is how i hope i die

well another valentine's has come and gone, and i finally (after a two year hiatus) reinstated my annual themed party in honor of the celebration of love and all things pink! this year i chose 1940, a theme which i chose on a whim, and then really regretted, but in the end, like most other things, it turned out really excellent. allow me to share!

wiw: friday february 12, 2010: hoorah!

hey ladies

get in a line, ladies!

stephanie et bianca

if this were my boyfriend it would be an even cuter picture

hanging on the carpet

it was really such a nice time. thanks to everyone who could make it. next year will be the 70's because.....well because i won't have to spend 8 hours doing my hair.

saturday i went to the opera with my long-time valentine, stephanie porto. thanks also to my dad, for generously gifting the tickets to me. here are some blurry captures of our "rich people" outfits. really, stephanie called me a few days before and said "let's dress like we're rich" HOLLER. it was great because i needed an opportunity to wear this perfect mid 60's black lace number which i bought near my country house at a yard sale for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. you can gawk at my updo. don't worry. i was gawking too.

opera outfit: feb 13, 2010

stephanie in the coat room

the long weekend was filled with fun and friends, and my life is increasingly this way and decreasingly school-ways. oops! how can i concentrate on teeth with so many boyyyyyys around?? midterms are coming and if i survive, if i prevail, if i don't flunk out, my sense of self may be restored. i'm actually fairly smart. who knew??

i will leave you with this sweet small video created by denise as a valentine's present for me me me! you may view it here

love love love love love love!

happy valentine's day!

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Caroline said...

I'm still smitten with your rich person dress. It's perfect in every way.