Sunday, July 25, 2010

when i get up in the morning, lord, i know

golly gee am i ever tired! however, i am trying to be a better blogger, so here i ammmmmmm. its been a busy and non-busy week full of talking and not talking. i traveled to lovely new caanan, connecticut to spend time with the long family. i also went to the beach a few times. and saw my fresh faced friends. sold some shoes and wallets and FLANNEL SHIRTS (? new yorkers are insane - now we know). relaxing at home currently with some eddie cochran and thinking about what is coming up. weather is forecast to be beautiful upstate so i have all week to stew my excitement for country parties. music is country country and cat stevens. book is the complete works of john cheever. movies are doris day and elvis based though i am planning on watching spice world tomorrow. i think i am ready to be done with this now. below are some pictures. stay classy, y'all!

like hell with bigger windows

fort tilden

maggie in the reeds

crossing the williamsburg bridge

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this could be a joy unending

beach today with lovely haired friends. connecticut tomorrow with another small friend. friday there will be some kind of girl power ceremony in the kitchen of the freest fire-haired fox i ever saw. saturday and sunday i sell sell sell and next week i do my best not to spend the cash so i can have a week off upstate soon. bless bless bless.

do it pretty!

Monday, July 19, 2010

plenty of air and plenty of room

wow i just love this so much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rolling through the hay like a puppy child

i'm here in albany and thinking about the lovely days i have planned for myself here. the weekends are filling up fast (in true summer weekend fashion) and my tan is at a level i would describe as 'beyond base' pleased pleased pleased. and because i've been pleased, there's been happy music all the time. and because there's been happy music there's inevitably been elton john. the man has not only written some of the best pop songs of all time, but also co-written/sang/played on other superstars songs. so how about giving some propers to elton for his contribution on the following pop gems:

and just for kicks (kiki kicks):

and because i'm still going, let me share my favorite elton song, as used in the opening scene of lumet's 'dog day afternoon' (fact: this is the only music used in the entire film):

and now i am ready to retire. adios amigos. stay sunny!

Monday, July 12, 2010

and when my head is aching full of everywhere i've been i'll turn my face around the other way

not the original, and not even my favorite cover, but the only from the correct time period. plus they're dutch. plus there are cows. :

headed upstate tomorrow for an indefinite amount of time. planning some swimming time and some shopping time and some mom time and some dad time and some truck driving time and some fish fry time. oh! and how could i forget laundry for free time. the best of times.

these days: swimming, tanning, swimming, tanning, tanning, swimming, tanning, driving, singing, floating, selling shoes, planning country weekends, planning mid-week getaways, babysitting, looking to the sky, hugging on friends, iced tea, tanning. its not all milk and honey, duh, but i'm doing my best to do my best, therefore, my best is maybe all you will hear about.

lost my steam y'all. would you like to see somethings? i want to tell you everything about my third car journey but that would be harder than counting all the horses in oklahoma! it was good and it cleared my mind right out and then filled it back up again. its clear i am awful at functioning with no set schedule, so i'm attempting to make something like a loose net in which to hold my week in. so far i've got: babysitting, joining the community garden, walking dogs (? do i even like dogs??), the flea at least one weekend day. and that's it! gimme a break, its still a work in progress. let me leave you with a smattering of things from the past week.

epic cloud sky

beach day


following the sun

icees please

epic dusky sky

sea of shoes!

that's all for now! see y'all later!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

been thinking this over for many long nights

this is all i've got for now but don't give up on me and i won't give up on me either