Sunday, July 25, 2010

when i get up in the morning, lord, i know

golly gee am i ever tired! however, i am trying to be a better blogger, so here i ammmmmmm. its been a busy and non-busy week full of talking and not talking. i traveled to lovely new caanan, connecticut to spend time with the long family. i also went to the beach a few times. and saw my fresh faced friends. sold some shoes and wallets and FLANNEL SHIRTS (? new yorkers are insane - now we know). relaxing at home currently with some eddie cochran and thinking about what is coming up. weather is forecast to be beautiful upstate so i have all week to stew my excitement for country parties. music is country country and cat stevens. book is the complete works of john cheever. movies are doris day and elvis based though i am planning on watching spice world tomorrow. i think i am ready to be done with this now. below are some pictures. stay classy, y'all!

like hell with bigger windows

fort tilden

maggie in the reeds

crossing the williamsburg bridge