Monday, August 2, 2010

some people say the sky is just the sky

hello from the green lands up north!

just a quick one to begin august:

the days start slow and then sink into the ground in a way that reminds me of watering a thirsty house plant (ending with that gurgling noise- more more more). i know summer will soon be over and its always bittersweet. this summer has felt endless and i can't say i care but i also do not relate when people say "how is it august already?!?" its a painstaking affair for me to fill my days with trivial and non-trivial activities. i can say i've been reconnecting and connecting with people who i see being positive forces. i smell like campfire often and feel sentimental even more than that. i'm finding it hard to put words to this right now. and by this i mean whatever ache or longing or song is inside of me. i guess i'm just waiting for life to kiss me on the forehead.

(somehow i managed to lose the battery charger for my digital camera. i don't know what this means for us. when it turns up i guess you'll know...)