Friday, February 29, 2008

make life your goal, morning noon and night

i just received this feedback from a truly wonderful buyer, and it made me slightly weepy:

What a wonderful seller! Very kind, VERY quick shipping.Item just as described!

i don't know what i should owe the influx of emotion to; it could be lack of sleep, the fact that i will no longer be at my job in 2 weeks, my burgeoning trip to jamaica, or some combination of the three of these. all i know is, when i awoke to immediately check ebay and read those words, it made me happy to some infinite degree. i can't really explain this ebay thing. the attachment that i have to it now. the invisible connection to people that dot the whole of north america. i really do enjoy this process (save the bitch at the post office who sassed me.[i'll get you]) immensely, and hope it can always be as nice as it is right now.

i believe no one reads this blog (yet), but i had to put this out there i guess just for me. to remember. i suppose thats what its all about for me anyways.

love love love (irie and respect),

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

well i make it alright, from monday morning to friday night

the glorious beauty below now has a name


that is all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

she's got her pretty little barefeet hanging out the window

its almost too good to be true!
i am going upstate to pick it up on march 8th.

my life is a constant whirlwind.
i have given my notice at my "office job" and my last day will be march 14th.
i then have two weeks to wrap up my new york life, before i head home for a while to get my new life rolling. its one of those things that is so incredibly easy to spit out (and believe me, i am telling everyone) but is impossible to actually grasp. its actually really funny to me. its like a dream masquerading as my life. i suppose it will be real soon enough? SCARY! life changes here i come!

and a picture of my car, just because i said so:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

today marks the day of our 10th (TENTH) positive feedback!!!