Sunday, November 28, 2010

echoes of light that shine like stars after they're gone

listening to things of this nature (and so much katy perry, sorry sorry sorry) recently and holding onto everything good left inside of me with the same hands i use for treasures at the thrift store and knocking on all the wood. truth is, i know only the best things are coming, but somehow superstition still sits on the top of all truths in my life.

working on a pile of pictures from 2009-early 2010 and you will be seeing that stuff real soon. two weeks left of fall semester and i can't wait to sit in a bathtub for my entire winter break. imagine the love i'm sending you is like a quarter i've just pulled from your ear. xx.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

these rivers of suggestion are driving me away

weekend upstate with naomi and the sunny days and crisp nights. friday i sat on a rock in the yard with basically bare legs and let the cold seep through layer and layer and layer until i could actually feel it in my bones. looking at the stars with frozen bones and then leaping around the yard until i felt brand new again. thrifting and estate sales and my old haunt crossgates mall yielded plenty of treasures. today was country driving, historic houses, picnic food picking, picnic food eating while overlooking albany county. sweet albany county, you hold my history and my heart. i miss this place more and more and feel so foolish for the feeling. life is good life is grand and life will gift good things. like i said last night "i can't wait for all the good things that are going to happen to us" and to you too...

Friday, November 12, 2010

honey, keep the oven warm

here's what i have to say about the week that kicked my ass:

i have never been so tired in my whole life! STUPID tired. catching 20 minute naps here and there. eating scraps of food between napping studying cleaning teeth attending class. jumble week. i walk down the streets mumbling the names of odontogenic cysts. sit on the bus lost in some histologically stained daydream. eliza assay, western blot test, trisomy 21, cri du chat, herpangina, hairy leukoplakia. ugh. and above everything else, hovering, I AM SO TIRED.

so that's that. i'm using some lovely techniques to make my life more like my life. and i'm taking me and my techniques and a whole boat full of laundry oh and that friend naomi hanson to my house in the woods this weekend for some post-fall pre-winter relaxation activation. i lost my digital camera (!) last week so i can't prove anything happens. i guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

and now to get to that sleep...

(you know i am capable of much more than this, don't you? i'm sorry i'm sorry infinity i'm sorry to me you and everyone we know for my brain dead brain. pma willing me back to life)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what can i do to keep you around?

honey honey honey, hi! halloween! that time of year came and went once again and i really pulled out all the stops. my past 3 years worth of costumes have been truly excellent, if you ask me; but i think its actually possible that this was my best yet?? i'm working on some oral path homework over here so this is going to have to be a brief one, unfortunately. i'll share mine and my friends costumes and then you can head to my flickr to see the rest, hm?

let's just cut to the chase here:

this is fun!

i mean........okay.

and here is naomi with another one of her genius "day of" creations:

sexy chicken

and kiki:

60's movie goer


totem poll


party shark


little edie

the whole motley crew:

group shot

what a fun night! next year we are REALLY going to try to finally get the brand names people project going. start thinking now! i guess i will be raisin girl. eh. maybe someone will be kind and let me be land'o'lakes. i've never been an indian before!

okay enough of that, i am clearly too distracted to write like a normal human. feeling and certainly feeling over here and i'm kinda trying to work it all out? i mean....duh. what's new and such, but this time its really different? I SWEAR. something is different and its no less than a struggle almost every day to not be hazy when i walk down the street. lots of suggestions have been made but i'm just going with my internal instincts on this one. i guess if i'm ever cured you'll be the first to know.

and now i'm back to neoplasias and thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. "hug muffin loaf with extra sprinkles of vibes and joy"