Sunday, November 14, 2010

these rivers of suggestion are driving me away

weekend upstate with naomi and the sunny days and crisp nights. friday i sat on a rock in the yard with basically bare legs and let the cold seep through layer and layer and layer until i could actually feel it in my bones. looking at the stars with frozen bones and then leaping around the yard until i felt brand new again. thrifting and estate sales and my old haunt crossgates mall yielded plenty of treasures. today was country driving, historic houses, picnic food picking, picnic food eating while overlooking albany county. sweet albany county, you hold my history and my heart. i miss this place more and more and feel so foolish for the feeling. life is good life is grand and life will gift good things. like i said last night "i can't wait for all the good things that are going to happen to us" and to you too...

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daniel said...

my parents moved away from albany while i was living in philadelphia, and now i have no home there. which is strange because i have so many good memories of that place and my childhood. i miss all my friends, many of whom don't even live there any more. try as i might, it won't be 1999 in albany again any time soon.