Wednesday, March 31, 2010

even if i have to start from zero

one day i am going to live somewhere and have the sort of life where this song defines the pace, the tone, the timbre and the hardihood of mostly everything.

i'm here! my shoulders are back and that string is constantly pulling me up, and each night before i sleep i count five nice things that happened that day. its supposed to help one feel positive. i'm positive its doing something. kiss kiss lovelies. enjoy the nice weather this weekend and sing like the birdies do.

Friday, March 19, 2010

what they find the glow erases, what they lose the glow replaces

here is a quick one to bid farewell to the great alex chilton.
it wasn't until a mere four months ago that i realized what a genius this man was; in the box tops with a voice like you never heard at age sixteen bringing some memphis blues to late 60's pop. here's a sampling of live videos (and i had to search! most of this shit is lipsynched and awful.) ENJOY and BONSOIR!

and this one, even though lipsynched, is amazing for chiltons chintzy dance moves. czech it:

love is all around

Thursday, March 18, 2010

come on, get up, get underway

any of you that know me, know that i am partially (fully) obsessed with the man that is paul mccartney and all the projects he's had his hands in over his mega career. wings is no exception. wings is, god, wings is just one of the greatest bands to ever be on the earth. i am not being overly sentimental or sappy and my judgment is not clouded. wings has tried just about every genre. wings has kitch-ified bongos and spanish guitar and then r+b and then ragtime. and they did it with style and panache and matching mullets. listen, this isn't a joke. open your ears people! wise up to smart music!

both of these videos are from what is arguably my favorite, and the last, wings album: back to the egg (released in 1979 - and what a year it was). my second favorite wings album is:

and boy is it a gem.
i highly suggest you just close your eyes and open your mind and just give this band a listen. its like old elo in the sense that when you get big enough you feel free to try anything, and if you are a genius, everything usually works out.

okay now you can return back to whatever non-wings things you were doing. ciao.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

steal the nose right from under your eyes

hip hip and hoorah for this weather, am i right or am i right?!

i'm ready to finally share my birthday weekend with you, and it started as all great periods of time start; with a cake!

birthday cake

i made my very own birthday cake because i could. and a world where a girl can't make her own delicious cake is a very cruel world indeed. most, if not all, great times include friends, so i invited mine over to enjoy cake and have a drink or two or more and then somehow (i know exactly how) this ended up as a 90's hits dance/sing party. there is one picture to share:

wiw: march 12, 2010 - night

weird on so many levels but does show the intensity we were bringing as a group. we went to karaoke at trash bar which wasn't actually karaoke but a metal show (next time i'll call in advance). oh, and in case you were wondering why its called trash bar:

trash bar

so! then my dear friend kaitlin slept over and made me the best birthday breakfast. we're talking RESTAURANT QUALITY here folks!

birthday breakfast

naomi kaitlin and i savored the amazing brunch and then we had to put on some lady outfits to enjoy afternoon tea (how i chose to enjoy my adult birthday). naomi and i arrived on time despite the pouring rain and jiwon and denise were already waiting for us

tea party!

the place was so warm and magical and smelled SO GOOD. there were incredible candles and fresh flowers everywhere. maylis arrived and we were ready to be transported to lady land!

tea time!

take our picture!!

group shot 1

somehow everyone except for jiwon thinks that dressing like an adult means wearing all black. they fed us five courses of tea food and by the end we were basically bursting. the best part for me was, duh, the tea, but also: TINY SANDWICHES.


pouring tea

it was really so magical and i was so happy to have my friends there to share it with me, even if the waiter wasn't as pleased (he HATED us)

here i am making the best of the rain:

best picture of the night

and then the night went on and on and on (i really don't recommend drinking four loko EVER) and somehow ended as most great nights end:

naomi hula

somehow after getting 2 hours of sleep and laying on the floor with my heart pounding all day, i managed to somehow study or just at least read for a midterm i had on monday. i crossed myself before i took the test and god really pulled out all the stops by granting me with a 94 on the test. thanks for looking out big dude. and i'm just content. working on some stuff regarding the happy cuties brand. working on some personal things. working some things out in my brain. enjoying idol more than ever (maybe i always enjoy it to the maximum actually) seeing both my parents this weekend. being reunited with loretta-louise. being reunited with the sun. reunited with my KILLER warm weather wardrobe. reunited with paul simon's graceland album. reunited with my bike, mr. maroon five. ready ready ready. not ready for being drug tested (wtf?!) in april, but thats a horse of an entirely different color, now isn't it?

i believe this post to be satiated now. til next time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

let me go down where i won't be a bother to no one

i also found the time to create this somewhere between being a genius and sleeping:


a birthday weekend post is coming. i first need to catch up on the sleep i didn't get all weekend. it could take DAYS, but it will come.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

i dont want to thnk anymore

this is all the brain power i have right now, but i will come to you again some day soon.

this shit moooooooves

aaaaaand this:

looka dis

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its so hard to think of what its all about

i remember being probably in kindergarden or first grade and sitting in the car outside the pizza place in albany and listening to this song on the radio with my dad. i adored this song and it really still just makes me so happy in a way that a blog could never ever ever explain.

i'm turning twenty-seven in three days and i feel ready to conquer shit. its as if the universe is saying: anything you want, you got it

Saturday, March 6, 2010

there's a wealth of happiness and romance

i went to see the new alice tonight and it truthfully was not terrible. and in honor of it and in honor of lovely little alice and all of our sweet lovely and intact childhoods i present my very favorite part of the cartoon alice. it is very much a solid and gilded memory for me.

please do enjoy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

everybody wanna pass as cats

such a match made in heaven:

nine days until my twenty-seventh birthday. i'm upstate on my spring break. looking to buy everything at every thrift store tomorrow and saturday. mama needs a new wardrobe. last night i was going in to great depth telling someone how when i have my house i want a shoe closet where they will all line up and probably talk to each other when i shut the door. and how i'll probably open the door once in a while and just say "hello!" the reply to that was "you're nuts," can't deny that. i also had a fight yesterday with my mom's garage door and i think i lost? i'll show it whos the boss in about thirty minutes. don't you worry. what else?! i'm going to get fish fry later with christine and then we are bowling at our favorite alley. tomorrow i am thrifting at every thrift store, like i mentioned, friday night is smitty's pizza, and alice in 3D (of which i am quite the skeptic but i will have some things aiding me), saturday is more thrifting and an estate sale in rensselaer and hopefully my friend and her sweet baby judah and then some kind of dinner maybe. somewhere in there i would like to study for a midterm i have on tuesday. and that about wraps things up over here at happy cuties. i mean...not forever. just for today! still waiting for my susan miller epiphany....(i feel it coming on)