Thursday, March 18, 2010

come on, get up, get underway

any of you that know me, know that i am partially (fully) obsessed with the man that is paul mccartney and all the projects he's had his hands in over his mega career. wings is no exception. wings is, god, wings is just one of the greatest bands to ever be on the earth. i am not being overly sentimental or sappy and my judgment is not clouded. wings has tried just about every genre. wings has kitch-ified bongos and spanish guitar and then r+b and then ragtime. and they did it with style and panache and matching mullets. listen, this isn't a joke. open your ears people! wise up to smart music!

both of these videos are from what is arguably my favorite, and the last, wings album: back to the egg (released in 1979 - and what a year it was). my second favorite wings album is:

and boy is it a gem.
i highly suggest you just close your eyes and open your mind and just give this band a listen. its like old elo in the sense that when you get big enough you feel free to try anything, and if you are a genius, everything usually works out.

okay now you can return back to whatever non-wings things you were doing. ciao.

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Jeffrey Tastes said...

I never listen to these albums, I'm a fan of McCartney, Ram and Band on the Run. even McCartney II is pretty cool. I'll have to give these another listen.