Thursday, March 4, 2010

everybody wanna pass as cats

such a match made in heaven:

nine days until my twenty-seventh birthday. i'm upstate on my spring break. looking to buy everything at every thrift store tomorrow and saturday. mama needs a new wardrobe. last night i was going in to great depth telling someone how when i have my house i want a shoe closet where they will all line up and probably talk to each other when i shut the door. and how i'll probably open the door once in a while and just say "hello!" the reply to that was "you're nuts," can't deny that. i also had a fight yesterday with my mom's garage door and i think i lost? i'll show it whos the boss in about thirty minutes. don't you worry. what else?! i'm going to get fish fry later with christine and then we are bowling at our favorite alley. tomorrow i am thrifting at every thrift store, like i mentioned, friday night is smitty's pizza, and alice in 3D (of which i am quite the skeptic but i will have some things aiding me), saturday is more thrifting and an estate sale in rensselaer and hopefully my friend and her sweet baby judah and then some kind of dinner maybe. somewhere in there i would like to study for a midterm i have on tuesday. and that about wraps things up over here at happy cuties. i mean...not forever. just for today! still waiting for my susan miller epiphany....(i feel it coming on)

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