Sunday, November 29, 2009

you better chase all your cares away

attempting to channel this for the next three weeks

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

she puts her hands against the life she had

gosh its either that time of month or something is actually wrong.
i scratched this today while riding to school:

oh to be sweetly reclining in my own mind!
i think this place is already driving me mad. the public eye of scrutiny is one i cannot seem to get out from under, and i just wish i was able to lay about in my own head; slowly choosing which buds and blossoms of my memory i would smell and then clip in my hair.

it can't be a good thing that i close my eyes every night and imagine myself anywhere but where i am. i pretend the clashing grinding banging booming trucks are the loud brisk and hollow train and that when i wake up there will be some kind of dapple of nature filtered sun touching me with gentle hands. its all brash and no matter how many plants i hang in my windows i'm still here with black dust settling on all my prized possessions (my heart, my once bright skin, games, books, elvis statues, etc.)




Sunday, November 15, 2009

and now I've opened up my eyes, and found it's all been just a great big fairytale

kaitlin and i just tried to make a zine based on okcupid personals. it sort of worked. then she prematurely expired on the couch. (i hope she is okay). <---is that correct grammar? (stephanie?)
(i will share our results one day. if there can be a, there can be a

i wonder what zoey deschanel and ben gibbard are like in real life.
i potentially really like her cotton commercials.
i also really really love that country-singing dancer-with-the-stars: julianne hough. i maybe also love her brother and can't wait to see who wins the finale but thats just me!

hey guys i can't wait to get back to the country. somehow everything seems more sound there. remember that idea for a commune built from friends that everyone has? why doesn't that happen more often? not for nothing, its a really excellent idea. i think now denise may be mentally on-board. (denise?) i also have some feeling i could get luke barber-smith to be a true participant.

i hope you all know, i am a very sentimental person.

a lot of ideas are glitter in the snowglobe of my life. i guess if you become my eighth subscriber you'll get a backstage tour?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

many many people take it for a game

um....yes please? phew! whatta babe!

you'll never know what's coming round the bend

here i am!

feeling like i should blog because the genius lightning has been striking me all day but now that i'm here i'm having performance anxiety or something. sorry y'allz!

another secret i will share: last night i wrote in my real paper journal. i hadn't done that since sometime in july after i returned from my minnesota drive. i really had the zest for it last night, putting the pen to the paper was feeling actually so excellent and i think i managed to scrawl a whole three pages (front and back!). mostly it was filling in my journal with my life changes since i last wrote, of which there are many, but i also noted how i feel less creative and less intellectual and less of most things here in the city. on the one hand i have my friends around me now, and better food, and generally more happenings; but on the other i do not have nature. i do not have silence. i do not have rejuvenating sleep. i do not have music SO LOUD and a big oven and a big fridge filled with treats. and trees and snow and leaves and birds and woodchucks lookin in my door!

today i feel so restless and i may have to break out buns of steel volumes 1-3 just to work off some of this crazy energy i have. that would probably be quite the wise child idea. maybe i will play some games of solitaire with actual cards. wowwwww. or maybe i will do laundry? paint my toenails? take a shower? vacuum? dust? sweep? fluff pillows? hang pictures? water plants? watch movies? take a yoga class? play piano? become a trapeze artist??

now that i've done such a crackerjack job of convincing you all of my genius, i think its time to go.

somehow we are all doing the same thing
(and thanks to jiwon for snapping that picture of us three girls in the lovely light all searching in our giant bags for something at the very same time)

Friday, November 13, 2009

i don't know much...

but i know this video is SO AWKWARD


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i'm in love and its easy to see

okay let me set this up for you:
1) linda ronstadt
2) hank williams cover
3) barefoot
4) mini dress
5) late 60's dancing

do yourself a favor and give this a looksee:

Monday, November 9, 2009

if nothing ever moves, put that needle to the groove

the best thing about today was having two packages for me when i got home.
one of them contained these most perfect shoe specimens:

and a quick snap i took on the bus while i should have been reviewing for the test i most certainly did not ace in anatomy and physiology:

new shoes!

seriously, during the test i would get so distracted by the shoes! when i turned in my test the teacher was like "cute shoes" 'oh thanks lady, aren't they just pefect? i couldn't stop looking at them all through your test which i just failed!'

the second package was more like a giant box filled with special treasures that were all tied up pretty and neat with ribbons that i am going to put in my hair! caroline and i decided to do a thrift swap back in september and she beat me to the punch and sent out my stuff last week (hers will be to her hopefully before the end of the week) i came home today to the big box and it was packed to the brim with goodies! i need to do a proper catalog of the stuff, because its really all so excellent. i am particularly enjoying this little green etienne aigner belt and a lovely pair of minnetonka mocs plus this unexpected seafoam swirl grey sweater vest and a perfect fitting houndstooth pencil skirt. i can only hope she enjoys my stuff half as much as i am planning on enjoying mine.

anyways, i am EXHAUSTED and fed up with internet "dating" and starting a new book tonight because i am bored to tears with the motorcycle diaries and feel awful over it (sorry che!) but i have a lot of faith that lolita will be better and i've never read it so its all going to be a lovely surprise and i'm pretty certain thats what makes life excellent.

if things go as they've been going i will be back here to update everyone very very soon with pictures from my weekend at home and some stories or something else that will maybe make me have more than seven followers.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

don't do me no favors, just let me live and learn

in my effort to avoid studying for the exam i have tomorrow in anatomy (SO HARD), i began (don't ask me how, just the magic of the internet i guess) to search through vintage wedding dresses on this amazing site. without further ado, i present to you, bianca's wedding dress choices 2kNever:

are you dying? i am positively DYING p.s. this one won't fit me but most of the others will

this pink number is catching my eye just that much more than the others. can you see me in this? can you even see me with a goddamn boyfriend??

this is especially humorous because i joined a dating site a few days ago and have spent some time picking out the perfect dating site pictures etc etc and NO ONE will return my messages. i have written to nine people! what kind of crazy/sad/ridiculous/incomprehensible world is this?! wise up internet!

we now return to our regularly scheduled program....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sunday night fitness vol. 3

please join us as we join slimmins to sweat to the oldies!
enjoy and stay fit!

Monday, November 2, 2009

the only thing we want to do tonight is go round and round and turn upside down

hello all! happy halloween belations!
i wanted to show you all my pictures yesterday, but i was just too worn out to blog. now i'm at school and i have some time to spare to blogging.

let's get right to it before i lose my motivation.

moody hall

friday night i went to a party thrown by the dental school. i had convinced myself it would be fun. i shouldn't have done that.

aerobics dead pirate

i dressed as a dead bathing beauty. or drowned. whichever. basically i had wanted to be a drowned synchronized swimmer but i look AWFUL bald so i switched it to be a bathing beauty because i just wanted to be dead and wear that swimsuit.

in the interest of time and positivity i will show you the best part of the night, the costumes!


captain crunch

awesome robot


girl edward scissor hands

sad man

saturday night was actual halloween (duh) and i stayed on my home turf knowing i couldn't tolerate anymore "sexy" costumes. luckily 'sexy' doesn't really fly in wb so i had a really excellent night dressed as a cartoon gothtopus!

movie theatre floor and usher

red panda!

hooray! octo!

so scary and awesome

cleopatra and mummy

coyote and road runner

bunny in a garden

get off my back!

epic banana

wow megan is terrifying

really scary promise

just plain old warriors

really also so good and awesome



i am so scared you gave me a nightmare

shark attack!

edie and the best costume ever

wow! you look awesome!

red panda will show no emotion

wow! that was awesome! i had so much fun and laughed and danced as octo lady all night. halloween is the best! and next comes thanksgiving and basically that is the best holiday of all time ever ever ever amen. needless to say, i can't wait!
i hope everyone had an excellent halloween. what was the best costume you saw? (say mine)

hopefully sometime this week me and maylis will be able to do installment three of sunday night fitness, and i would also like to go to rosemary's and get a big foamy of budweiser. preferably on the same night.

time for microbiology!