Monday, November 2, 2009

the only thing we want to do tonight is go round and round and turn upside down

hello all! happy halloween belations!
i wanted to show you all my pictures yesterday, but i was just too worn out to blog. now i'm at school and i have some time to spare to blogging.

let's get right to it before i lose my motivation.

moody hall

friday night i went to a party thrown by the dental school. i had convinced myself it would be fun. i shouldn't have done that.

aerobics dead pirate

i dressed as a dead bathing beauty. or drowned. whichever. basically i had wanted to be a drowned synchronized swimmer but i look AWFUL bald so i switched it to be a bathing beauty because i just wanted to be dead and wear that swimsuit.

in the interest of time and positivity i will show you the best part of the night, the costumes!


captain crunch

awesome robot


girl edward scissor hands

sad man

saturday night was actual halloween (duh) and i stayed on my home turf knowing i couldn't tolerate anymore "sexy" costumes. luckily 'sexy' doesn't really fly in wb so i had a really excellent night dressed as a cartoon gothtopus!

movie theatre floor and usher

red panda!

hooray! octo!

so scary and awesome

cleopatra and mummy

coyote and road runner

bunny in a garden

get off my back!

epic banana

wow megan is terrifying

really scary promise

just plain old warriors

really also so good and awesome



i am so scared you gave me a nightmare

shark attack!

edie and the best costume ever

wow! you look awesome!

red panda will show no emotion

wow! that was awesome! i had so much fun and laughed and danced as octo lady all night. halloween is the best! and next comes thanksgiving and basically that is the best holiday of all time ever ever ever amen. needless to say, i can't wait!
i hope everyone had an excellent halloween. what was the best costume you saw? (say mine)

hopefully sometime this week me and maylis will be able to do installment three of sunday night fitness, and i would also like to go to rosemary's and get a big foamy of budweiser. preferably on the same night.

time for microbiology!

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