Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a half-full moon in mexico city, i'll think of you

when i was younger and would walk home from the bus i would compose prose in my head and whisper it in the air. i'm talking about like....ten? nine? eleven? something like this. lately i've been doing it again, though its for my blog and i don't know that my lips are actually moving. at least i really hope they aren't. (they probably are, fml)

these days i can't tell where my dreams end and my real life begins. this sounds so romantic, but, its not. its so confusing and drains all my motivation for anything because i may as well be sleeping since i can't tell the difference anyway.

patiently awaiting halloween and my two costumes which were supposed to be cheap but ended up costing probably just as much as a regular costume.

more pictures from paris:





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