Sunday, October 4, 2009

the petals of the daisy drop

i can share one photo that pretty much sums up the past five days:

let's hold hands with jesus

listening to soft country and early bangles and regular sugar that is always coming through some speaker in some room.

eating my veggies. tacos. sandwiches. god bless all the food in new york. if albany had this food i wouldn't have left. that's the truth. well....boys factor in also. thats a bit of a given, i suppose.

finished another hemingway. how do you talk about reading hemingway without sounding like a jerk? its good regardless. now i am reading either memoirs of a geisha or rereading to kill a mockingbird, i haven't quite decided yet.

one exam this week and FOUR exams the following week, including my clinic midterm which is testing my instrument usage. SCARY. this isn't easy. i realize i should probably give a bit more info about school here. i just don't know what exactly to say about it. probably because i dont know exactly how i feel about it yet. i want to give it my best shot and not engrave my opinion in e-stone. best to leave everything open and breezy. this goes along with my stress-free life. as long as you don't form a concrete opinion you can just feel and be whoever you want. isn't that pretty?

tonight was supposed to be about buns of steel 2000 with may, but we had to move it to tomorrow night because she isn't back from boston yet. BOO. i start my radiology rotation tomorrow. this is the part in my life venn diagram where the circles intersect. might be nice to smell on some fixer or at least be under the safe light.

i suppose now its time to brush off the weekend and buckle down into some hardcore a+p about muscles of mastication. can't fucking wait.

be afraid


kaitlin said...

today i was walking down the street, thinking about that first picture- and then a few minutes later realized i had the happiest little grin on my face.

Caroline said...

It's pretty much my life's mantra to keep my opinions to myself so that I can change them in the future without looking like a penis.