Sunday, October 25, 2009

futures and folly fill each page

so the sunshine worked! i feel infinitely better and it wasn't just the sunshine but great company and great laughs.

took miss bliss for a spin loaded with girls up to p.s. 1 for the fall shows opening.

cool string thing

courtyard of p.s. 1

jiji and liv

mother trucker

saw michael stipe sporting a handlebar mustache, and some unexpected friends who were also around, and then upon exiting jiwon and i strolled past james franco and denise and olivia missed him because they were too interested in that hairy sculpture and boy were they sad!

we decided to try to go to the beach to watch the sunset but due to there being ABSOLUTELY NO trains running normally the traffic was insane on the bqe, but really it was still such a good sunset, we even got to see it through a traveling carnival ride called 'the whip' wee!

epic sunset

epic sunset seen through carnie ride

car crew

some dudes driving next to us made fun of us for ALL taking pictures of the sunset but whatever maybe they just dont care about nature or something.

drove to sheepshead bay to eat at jordan's lobster dock, which is the sight of our truly infamous ultimate adventure of many summer's ago. we ate piles of fried seafood and laughed so much in the parking lot trying to take some pictures in front of the meeting point for stephanie.

jiwon outside jordan's lobster dock

fish and chips

jumping attempt

liv and d jumping

took the scenic route home all the way down flatbush ave and watched the neighborhoods change. rediscovered the glory that is ace of base's 'the sign' album and called it a night.

tomorrow is radiology lab, microbiology, muscle lecture in anatomy and physiology, halloween makeup and hair dry run. reading memoirs of a geisha currently and its giving me really strange dreams. this is mostly it. i only have ONE test this week (3 quizzes also) so i'm hoping it will be easy and halloween will come on swift and easy.

be well!

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