Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i can see it in your crystal dancing in like a storm

my cousin serena's 10 day visit came to an end this morning and i think we really packed in a lot of stuff for 10 days. the following will be some picture highlights with small descriptions. you dig?

million dollar staircase

we took at tour of the albany capitol building, one of only 9 capitol buildings in teh us that does not have a dome. the picture above is of the famed 'million dollar staircase' which cost....a million dollars. at the time (1850 something) that was really a lot of money.


the faces are of governors and also local people and are all carved by hand. it was such an impressive tour full of so many facts and it was free! can't beat that. i never even knew of this incredibly impressive building in my backyard!

1965 vw bug

remember the truck i wanted? well its gone. someone bought it. now i want this. its even more money! $9,000 dollars! basically someone needs to buy this for me. i know one of you wants to. i went to see that movie julie & julia last night and now i magically think i have hundreds of secret readers of my blog. go with it.

blue shirt ladies

my blue crew and i went to the altamont fair last thursday. despite being really way more expensive than you would think something whos main demographic is people who can smoke without using their hands would be, it was so so fun and we even shelled out the 6 dollars for 5 tickets to ride one ride and loved it. i happily spent my $5 dollars on funnel cake and watched a video of a calf being born: the miracle of birth!

win big!

the zipper!


sunset over the ferris wheel


tidal wave!

serena and i on the orbiter


obviously the best part is when the entire midway sparkles in the night. we were all filled with some kind of child's glee as soon as the sun set and the rides started shooting fiery sparkle dust into the black sky. we rode the orbiter and it was the best $6 thirty seconds of my life. we cherried our sundae night with stewarts ice cream. cotton candy and fireworks. i almost got chocolate espresso trifecta. next time!

friday i made my first drive into new york. triumph! i saw some apartments that i cant afford and teased my poor heart. now i listlessly search craigslist sublets knowing my poor sweet furniture won't follow me. knowing i'll have to walk in some hallway. knowing it will never feel like mine. such is life. it all works out in the end, no? i belive this. i do believe this. i must believe this but really, i do believe this.

chiara at the flea

saturday we woke up bright and early (crack of dawn, seriously folkz) team up with kiki and hawk our wears to the greater fort greene region. we made $1,000 dollars! really, i would love to do that more often. it was fun! i loved seeing the direct faces of the people who will wear things that i hand picked at thrift stores that dot the whole of the nation. someone finally bought the purple plaid pantsuit onesie! it looked so adorable on her!

dessert volume 2

saturday night we decided to bolt from the city while we had the light on our side and head to hillsdale to rob's purple themed birthday bash. we also had the plan to find some waterfalls the next day and do some swimming. the party was better than we could have ever expected. all of the food and drinks were purple or purple inspired. there was even homemade fresh beet pasta! it was really incredible!

since we arrived in the dark we couldn't see anything about the property and had to have a tour of the food tables by flashlight. when i asked rob about nearby waterfalls to swim in the next day, he sort of looked at me funny and pointed to the right and said "there's a waterfall right there"

morning at the swimming hole

we did a night time swim, so i knew it was refreshing, but i could have never fully imagined how incredibly beautiful this place was. we slept in a tent in the yard and woke up at 8am baking in the purple sunshine and decided right away that it was time for a swim.


little by little the stragglers woke up and jumped in one by one. did i mention there was ledges for jumping in and a rope swing?

clear water

did i mention the water was crystal clear and awoke you from your innermost core?

swim time


we drove the 40 minutes back up here and had a lovely sunday dinner at staats.
last night we went to see julie and julia and then had a small feast afterwards at new world bistro bar, the only "nice" restaurant in albany that i actually like. it was delicious! we had strawberry basil bruschetta with chevre and a balsamic reduction. yum!

now i am going to go back to craigslist and nursing these allergies/potential actual sickness. i hope this entry will tide you all (my plentiful and overflowing readers) until i find the time/do anything fun enough to do this again.

much love from this hot humid heart of august!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i wanna live where its always this way

gosh i wish i could find the energy somewhere inside me to write a proper post. do you know i've slacked THREE times on bowl crawl posts? i am ashamed! so ashamed!

i spent a super excellent and sexy baby weekend with 5 other ladies across the river at the staats summer party. we laughed, we cried, we danced all night! we met santa (he drives a limo) and his hippie elf michael who made our night complete. if i could make you feel the extreme joy we all poured out that night i would use any amount of words possible to do this, but i really think, unfortunately, you just had to be there, walk dancing on a dock over the hudson river to disco tune after disco tune.

after this things get messy. after this its down to business. after this my tiredness sets in. after this i go to bed.

perky pictures:

little darlings!

my plate

stephanie on the river

sexy baby darlings

soul 2 soul

michael and denise

santa drives a limo

more sorta soon! xoxo!