Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i wanna live where its always this way

gosh i wish i could find the energy somewhere inside me to write a proper post. do you know i've slacked THREE times on bowl crawl posts? i am ashamed! so ashamed!

i spent a super excellent and sexy baby weekend with 5 other ladies across the river at the staats summer party. we laughed, we cried, we danced all night! we met santa (he drives a limo) and his hippie elf michael who made our night complete. if i could make you feel the extreme joy we all poured out that night i would use any amount of words possible to do this, but i really think, unfortunately, you just had to be there, walk dancing on a dock over the hudson river to disco tune after disco tune.

after this things get messy. after this its down to business. after this my tiredness sets in. after this i go to bed.

perky pictures:

little darlings!

my plate

stephanie on the river

sexy baby darlings

soul 2 soul

michael and denise

santa drives a limo

more sorta soon! xoxo!