Sunday, November 15, 2009

and now I've opened up my eyes, and found it's all been just a great big fairytale

kaitlin and i just tried to make a zine based on okcupid personals. it sort of worked. then she prematurely expired on the couch. (i hope she is okay). <---is that correct grammar? (stephanie?)
(i will share our results one day. if there can be a, there can be a

i wonder what zoey deschanel and ben gibbard are like in real life.
i potentially really like her cotton commercials.
i also really really love that country-singing dancer-with-the-stars: julianne hough. i maybe also love her brother and can't wait to see who wins the finale but thats just me!

hey guys i can't wait to get back to the country. somehow everything seems more sound there. remember that idea for a commune built from friends that everyone has? why doesn't that happen more often? not for nothing, its a really excellent idea. i think now denise may be mentally on-board. (denise?) i also have some feeling i could get luke barber-smith to be a true participant.

i hope you all know, i am a very sentimental person.

a lot of ideas are glitter in the snowglobe of my life. i guess if you become my eighth subscriber you'll get a backstage tour?


Maylis said...

um naomihulahoops is the cutest thing ive ever seen

my word varication is emilly.
someone stole my phone and wallet last night.

Denise said...

not only am i on board i may just be driving that train

betsy q. bramble said...
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betsy q. bramble said...

i've been told that zoey is really not funny.