Saturday, November 14, 2009

you'll never know what's coming round the bend

here i am!

feeling like i should blog because the genius lightning has been striking me all day but now that i'm here i'm having performance anxiety or something. sorry y'allz!

another secret i will share: last night i wrote in my real paper journal. i hadn't done that since sometime in july after i returned from my minnesota drive. i really had the zest for it last night, putting the pen to the paper was feeling actually so excellent and i think i managed to scrawl a whole three pages (front and back!). mostly it was filling in my journal with my life changes since i last wrote, of which there are many, but i also noted how i feel less creative and less intellectual and less of most things here in the city. on the one hand i have my friends around me now, and better food, and generally more happenings; but on the other i do not have nature. i do not have silence. i do not have rejuvenating sleep. i do not have music SO LOUD and a big oven and a big fridge filled with treats. and trees and snow and leaves and birds and woodchucks lookin in my door!

today i feel so restless and i may have to break out buns of steel volumes 1-3 just to work off some of this crazy energy i have. that would probably be quite the wise child idea. maybe i will play some games of solitaire with actual cards. wowwwww. or maybe i will do laundry? paint my toenails? take a shower? vacuum? dust? sweep? fluff pillows? hang pictures? water plants? watch movies? take a yoga class? play piano? become a trapeze artist??

now that i've done such a crackerjack job of convincing you all of my genius, i think its time to go.

somehow we are all doing the same thing
(and thanks to jiwon for snapping that picture of us three girls in the lovely light all searching in our giant bags for something at the very same time)

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