Monday, November 9, 2009

if nothing ever moves, put that needle to the groove

the best thing about today was having two packages for me when i got home.
one of them contained these most perfect shoe specimens:

and a quick snap i took on the bus while i should have been reviewing for the test i most certainly did not ace in anatomy and physiology:

new shoes!

seriously, during the test i would get so distracted by the shoes! when i turned in my test the teacher was like "cute shoes" 'oh thanks lady, aren't they just pefect? i couldn't stop looking at them all through your test which i just failed!'

the second package was more like a giant box filled with special treasures that were all tied up pretty and neat with ribbons that i am going to put in my hair! caroline and i decided to do a thrift swap back in september and she beat me to the punch and sent out my stuff last week (hers will be to her hopefully before the end of the week) i came home today to the big box and it was packed to the brim with goodies! i need to do a proper catalog of the stuff, because its really all so excellent. i am particularly enjoying this little green etienne aigner belt and a lovely pair of minnetonka mocs plus this unexpected seafoam swirl grey sweater vest and a perfect fitting houndstooth pencil skirt. i can only hope she enjoys my stuff half as much as i am planning on enjoying mine.

anyways, i am EXHAUSTED and fed up with internet "dating" and starting a new book tonight because i am bored to tears with the motorcycle diaries and feel awful over it (sorry che!) but i have a lot of faith that lolita will be better and i've never read it so its all going to be a lovely surprise and i'm pretty certain thats what makes life excellent.

if things go as they've been going i will be back here to update everyone very very soon with pictures from my weekend at home and some stories or something else that will maybe make me have more than seven followers.



hard liquor; soft holes said...

FANTASTIC shoes. so pretty!

Maylis said...

are those shoes mootsie tootsie? if so i have them. evil chain.

Happy Cuties said...

omg totes!
same color and everything???

Maylis said...

mines are black.

Caroline said...

yay, yay, yay!

Mamushka Marie said...

THOSE shoes...are pefect!