Sunday, September 20, 2009

there's a million things to be

hello again to all my friends!

this will have to be quick and sweet because i am EXHAUSTED.
i drove up to albany this weekend to go to a show at the egg on friday night and attend lark fest with my buds on saturday and beyond. total blast had by all.

here are the highlights:

inside the egg

the egg! one of the best places on earth to see a show (i'm convinced at this point) i saw son volt on friday. how nice. did you know even the elevators are round? i hadn't had a chance to go home at all because i decided to go shopping at the salvation army (which proved to be the best decision i could have made, i got LOOT) so i had to carry a change of clothes with me to the show. when i went in the bathroom to change i realized i had lost one of the shirts i had brought (luckily i brought two). i ended up leaving the show a bit early and scanning the ground outside the egg for my black tank top. i had just about given up hope but then i saw it! lumped up on the steps down to the street. victory was mine!

lark fest 2009

saturday! cue the fried food! paul and christine picked me up and we headed to larkfest. for whatever reason i always liked larkfest more than tulip fest. this year was no different. we ate and drank and laughed and saw old friends! what could be better. throw in a bit of matt and kim pure happy and the day was really complete.

but it wasn't over yet! christine and i headed to monica's house to continue our drinking roll and have some good laughs.


we took our party on the town and around 1 am paul was kind enough to drive christine and i home again. what a peach.

foggy morning

sunday! didn't start so sunny but started mystically enough to call it a good day.

packed up my finds and met christine for lunch at an old childhood favorite we've been talking about visiting for a while:

toll gate

toll gate! named because it was once an actually toll gate. clever!
i should make a list of places that refuse to change because they deserve praise from the heavens for resisting this life force. more power to them!

toll gate interior

fish fry on fish placemat

fish fry and a shake on a fish placemat. i folded it up and took it out with me. identify the fish! i love you! i'm sorry i somehow stayed away from this place for so long. IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. its weird how you don't think you remember a place but then you get to it and its just so familiar. i wanted to live in it. forever. in the wooden phone booth. a troll who advocates remembering the past.

wow this is getting out of control. okay i'm going to leave you with this video that melts my heart in so many ways. its a young dolly peforming on the porter wagoner show. when she first joined the show the audience didn't accept her, they liked the girl she replaced much better. in a last ditch effort porter had her sing the mule skinner blues (a real trad number, you know) and bingo! love! if i can channel just a fraction of this happy love i will be golden golden.

goodnight (lady) muleskinners!

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Caroline said...

My dad loves Dolly! And I love the look of that Toll Booth! I must get myself to New York post haste!

p.s. Fantastic blog!