Tuesday, June 30, 2009

don't hesitate, this dream can pass just as fast as lightning


this is going to be a bit frantic, as thats my mood currently, running about looking for this book, that charger, these vitamins; i'm sure you know how packing at the last minute goes.

i'm certain something vital is going to be left behind.

the schedule goes like this:
erie (?)

how lovely! i'm a bit nervous, which seems strange considering at this point last year i was in the pacific northwest and had been traveling for over two months already and this trip is only sixteen days. but feelings are feeling people! i'm bringing 5 pairs of shoes and i'm going to blow through thrift stores all across i-90 from here to the mississippi, so i expect to return with at least quadruple this number. of course i need more stuff, don't even question it!

lu has been really moving on all cylinders lately and i think she knows we are about to speed west. i'm not kidding. she is psychic! trust!

so tomorrow i am leaving with just miss bliss and brenda as company, and i cannot find my bluetooth charger so don't expect a call. i have a mind goal of writing one post per day while i am rolling to fully capture the experience but don't hold me to it because you just never know what may happen.

i had a good sendoff tonight with a giant ice cream sundae at the jericho with christine and paul. i showed them the garden and they tried their best to look interested. just wait til you see their faces when i am eating fresh string beans and not sharing! ha! i also need to say that we went bowling last week and i am so LAZY that you haven't seen anything about it yet. i might be less motivated because i lost both games. its possible.

let's see something, shall we?


its only a sunset over lake calhoun in minneapolis. don't worry!



and that's it! that's all you have to endure! praise the lord!

i'll be seein y'all real soon.

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Picnic902 said...

good luck
you could pass thru pitts if ya like
its pretty much a fucking blast