Wednesday, July 1, 2009

got to pass it on, before all hope is gone, let the light go by you if you dare

oHIo from toldeo; an all-america city! (i kid you not, apparently this is not a title that is hard to garner)

today was a day that was all about lake erie. i woke up at denise's cute house

denise's house

and had some coffee (decaf) and then said 'adios' and went to 2 salvation army stores in buffalo (wednesday is family day, which means every tag except one color is half off!)

salvation army

i left buffalo around 2 and started west on i-90 (the longest highway in the united states, running 3,084 miles from seattle to boston). the rain came and went, just like yesterday. i found a few great classic rock stations (i think they were, GASP, canadian!) that entertained me until the pennsylvania border.

erie seemed quiet and the gas was only $2.45 there. pennsylvania was just a small blip in my days drive and in no time i was saying HI! to ohio. this is when the drive got interesting. i will say that today was miles better and more interesting, scenery wise, than yesterday. i love my state, but the middle is really boring! i-90 snakes through downtown cleveland and i got to see all the little houses with their colored roofs angled at what appeared to be 70 degrees or more. they looked fine all lined up like that. cleveland is a good looking working city. i think lake erie is blue collar. i decided this today.

snaking through cleveland

at some point i got to leave 90 and take the much more scenic ohio 2. this bought me through the town of sandusky and directly across sandusky bay.

driving over lake erie

ohio seems to be in some kind of tug of war between the east and the middle of the country. this is the first time i've really driven past wheat fields (not sure how that is possible, but i promise it is true) the golden wheat and the grey skies and the red barns made a really nice composition but its only been captured on film (where it belongs) so you'll have to wait to see. i'll give you this instead:

i always look like this

i even got to drive past a nuclear power plant! i could only think of the simpsons.

nuclear power plant

i'll tell you what i think of toledo: its a nice manageable blue collar city with quite a bit of character and very few chain stores (from what i saw).


i like toledo! it helps that i've found SO MANY beautiful 70's wood soled platform shoes. plus all the ladies in the shops have been very sweet. one was so surprised i was from new york, i was like "its not that far!" she says "i know but we don't get a lot of them"

tonight i am sleeping like a queen in a king size bed. i hope i can crash on somebody's couch or floor tomorrow in MILWAUKEE where my main agenda go on the miller brewery tour. BREW CITY. i was all nervous because its a 5.5 hour drive so i was thinking i would have to leave at like 10am to get there before the last tour at 3:30 but then i realized its in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE so i get an hour! if that's not a gift from god, i don't know what is!

now i need to inventory all my treasures and do some girl stuff so i'll wake up all beautiful and shit.
much love from the buckeye state.

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