Wednesday, July 29, 2009

in spite of all the damage

petit rant:

hey hi hello all you nurses, nurses assistants, etc out there. i want to clue you in to something: some people are actually like REALLY afraid of shots. some people cry when they even think about shots. some people need to curl in the fetal position to escape fainting when anyone talks about having blood drawn or maybe even if they SEE a red cross blood donation poster. okay. you understand? that is part one. part two: when you find out about part one, it does not, repeat, DOES NOT, help when you say "oh but we just use a tiny butterfly needle, not one of those elephant needles." oh no. please what the fuck is a fucking butterfly needle and why did you put that word into my poor poor needle tormented mind. my palms are sweating just typing this. once at a consultation to have my wisdom teeth removed (my dad talked me into this situation, i would have been happy never knowing what is to follow) and after i started crying about being under anesthesia the nurse or whatever she was says "oh but we dont use a needle, its just a catheter that goes straight into your vein and gives you three kinds of medicine" WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AREEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUU TALKINNNNNNNG TTTTTO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. my friend sarah, just this past month, during a conversation about having blood drawn kept trying to put awful tidbits into my mind. I TRIED TO STOP HER! but nooooooooooooo i had to hear "if they can't find a vein in your arm, have them use your hand"

this is too much. i cannot finish this. my hands are wet and numb. the end. please world recognize and respect my fear and SHUT THE HELL UP. my brain can't take anymore evil imagery.

okay totally necessary to erase the evil. replace the evil. adios evil!

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