Tuesday, July 7, 2009

with a vision of a gentle coast

hey there hi there ho there from sunny omaha
sarah is napping in bed and i am at ecremery in dundee because although i finally found a signal on her porch, my computer didn't have enough power and sarah doesnt have any grounded outlets to deliver the power to compy5000. bummer. so i'm sitting in the ice cream shop like a total nerd.

i am actually too exhausted to go into full detail about yesterday's drive and last night and today (so far) i do have pictures so maybe i will show you some of those?

tomorrow i am going back to minneapolis, hopefully arriving before dinner, and staying there until sunday or monday. i officially decided to drive through the u.p. on my way home and stay once up there and once with robyn in ann arbor, and then again with fernando's mom in buffalo. i am so excited to see new places and also not have to deal with chicago (hopefully ever again)

i will say briefly that yesterday was driving on i-35 south and then i-80 west and iowa wasn't as awful as i remembered it, but i wouldn't wish that drive upon anyone anyways. i am happy to rest in nebraska and think about how all these landlocked states butt up against each other like staggered bricks. iowa, nebraska, missouri, kansas. this country is a puzzle of greatness. let's all be america and hold hands forever. kiss kiss.


windmills and fields of opportunity (aka corn) in iowa.

this is real

this is obligatory. some exits had the kum&go listed as gas AND food. ONE STOP SHOP! loaf&jug is still the best one i've seen.


49th st

omaha. full of hills. believe it or not. sarah lives in a cute small neighborhood called dundee and she doesn't drive so she walks everywhere. its quite a strange place to choose to live when you have no car, but this is where she lives and this is where i visit her.

son volt

we saw jay farrar's band son volt last night at slowdown in downtown omaha. it was a great show and its a really great space to see a show.

sarah at la buvette

lunch at la buvette

lunch today at la buvette in the old market was delicious and it felt so nice to be outside in the shade. i ate the whole thing.

basement vintage paradise

thrifting is happening. why am i buying? i can't stop! everyone has their thing. mine is piling up 300 pair of shoes and staring at the sheer mass of stuff i have plucked from the earth. rarrrrrrrr.

so i am ready to be done with this ice cream nonsense now. i may lay in sarah's bed and watch monterray pop and never even show my face to the bars of omaha. then again, i may pop into o'leavers for just a few hours to see if its as crazy as i remember and as people keep telling me it is.

omaha: who knows! when you cross the missouri from iowa into nebraska there is a sign on the bridge that says "nebraska: the good life!" i'll try to snap something on my way out tomorrow.

love y'all. check you next time!

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