Friday, July 3, 2009

this here country is a little green, and there's a lot of country that you ain't seen

christ almighty what a day.
i composed a giant journal post on paper while i was waiting for my dinner tonight and i will retype it here in some time. probably tomorrow morning.
for now you should know i am alive and my plans of sleeping on a couch or floor were dashed to dust and instead i'm sprawling in king size bed in another ramada, this time in downtown milwaukee.

how is this possible, you ask? not quite sure, because the people of milwaukee are certainly nice and certainly hospitable. i definitely don't have the money to afford much more of this, and i'm sure everyone was correct when they told me i should just fly.

know this much: tomorrow morning i get a free continental breakfast and i sure as hell am going to eat every free bit i can get my mits on after i take a dip in the heated outdoor swimming pool. got it?

until tomorrow....

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