Wednesday, July 15, 2009

you're old enough to change your ways

i'm too tired to blog!!!!

i have so much to share about so many special and majestic places!
about the power of humanity! about pockets of life! about crying from joy! about lake michigan the size of the ocean!

please stay tuned, maybe tomorrow night in buffalo, back in my homestate, the fancy will strike me to quantify this magic.

i've seen: nebraska, iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, illinois, indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, and the width of new york. tomorrow is more michigan, ohio, penn, and ny again. i am ready and willing. i am happy to rest in a friend's house in saline, michigan and be slightly buzzed from more than a few miller high life's. also happy to say i've seen the very place where those beers were created. american life is a jigsaw puzzle i can't wait to put together. the upper peninsula opened my eyes to real true unwaivering unyeilding and unforgiving life and its a good one. we just need the fuel. do everything with love!

(picture dump right into your eyes tomorrow, pinky promise)

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