Sunday, July 5, 2009

driving down the street while four cylinders are setting the beat

hello and hi from the land of 10,000 lakes.
i don't know if i have the energy for the kind of post i know the day after the fourth of july deserves, and i apologize for that in advance.

i have to drive to omaha today. i wish i could teleport there. i had a fight with a friend of a friend of a friend in this bar last night because i told him i didn't like iowa and it turns out not only is he from iowa, but he bears the brunt of my saying i dont particularly love iowa for the ENTIRE STATE. i tried to explain that if he insulted new york state as a whole i wouldn't be offended because i dont live in the entire state. he said "i am iowa" i said "i am america, and i say 'fuck iowa'" that basically ended it. he said that was the best thing i could have said and everything ended on good terms. naomi wasn't thrilled. can't please everyone!

J4 was really excellent from tip to tail and we started things right with a summer garden brunch complete with a bloody mary and mimosa bar at chiara's cousin's house.

brunch spread

mimosa and bloody mary bar


good thing we brought our appetites!

we stayed there much of the afternoon, it rained during the middle of it, and we had to take shelter in one of the many sheds that had been built from old signs. yes, it was as magical as it sounds. then the sun came shining again and dappled on everyone and everything and the angels sang sweet songs and everyone held hands.


shed follies

sun dappled back yard


then we rode bikes to a beach called "hidden beach" (which, i believe, is on cedar lake) even though i guess its not hidden anymore. it had gotten too late to actually get wet so we just layed about in our suits and talked to some people about life.

hidden beach

emily was excellent to give us a ride to nicolet (sp?) island where we watched the fireworks display from adam's friend johan's backyard. apparently its very private and fancy so that was cool. emily had never even been there!
then we went to this thing called the 10 second film festival which was crazy packed full of people and pretty funny also.

10 second film festival

finally we went to the best place: nye's
i can't explain how good this place is and i was slightly offended no one had ever taken me there before because it is the PERFECT PLACE. there was a polka room where three elderly people were playing instruments and people were dancing and there was also piano karaoke with only like 100 songs where you write your choice on a napkind and hand it to the piano lady and then she points to you and sometimes she helps you if you forget the words. gosh it was great. i sang 'knock three times' and 'margaritaville' life is great.


sitting around the piano

okay nebraska is calling. i gotta get a move on. i wish the future was real and i could just poof myself over there. ALAS!


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