Tuesday, April 1, 2008

for the queen to use

i am headed to the post office in glenmont, ny now (12207) to mail out 3 packages to my lovely customers. one package has two pairs of shoes because one customer bought 2 pairs of shoes in one night! what a doll!

yesterday i officially filed a DBA (doing business as) at the albany county clerk's office. so from here on out, please refer to me as "Happy Cuties". the best part is, i handed the lady the form and she goes "are you starting a day care?" yes, why yes i am.
ha. but if i ever need a new path in life to follow, its good to know my business name will translate to childcare. god knows i have enough friends who babysit to staff that sort of operation any day.

all in all, life is moving much slower up here, and i am finding it a little rough adjusting. small tasks fill barely fill each day, and each night ends with me curled up in my bed reading books about cross-country travel and trying to wrap my head around the fact that i may just write a book like that one day.

time to get back in the car.
all the best to you and yours,

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