Monday, April 28, 2008

live how you want to be loved

i truthfully doubt that anyone reads this, BUT nonetheless, here i go again.
i am leaving in 2 days! yikes! ha! should be funny. i am waiting to hear from a friend in pennsylvania to see if i can stay with him on my first night. he lives outside allentown, in a place called bethlehem, pa. and since i currently reside in bethlehem, ny, i think this will be a very fitting first day. i can't wait!

So, that's gonna do it for now. blogger is painful slow right now.i will try to post again before i shove off for good. i am trying to arrange a little christening for loretta-louise on tuesday night with my 2 friends in albany. we'll see how that turns out. if it does happen i'll try to get a picture or two.

OH also today i learned to change a tire and check my oil and ride down a mountain in low gear! wee! i am still covered in dirt, i guess no time like the present to get used to being dirty.

okay, THE END!
love love,

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