Wednesday, April 9, 2008

why don't you come to your senses?

so it is wednesday. there isn't that much on my agenda this week. i want to try to get out to the latham salvation army tomorrow. little scared about that one, but i went on the thruway by myself for the first time this morning, so....i'm sure it couldn't be much different than that to get myself to latham. i'll use my gps i guess.

friday morning i think i am going out to penn state with shannon and courtney (two girls i went to high school with) to see another high school friends senior thesis show there. that, i think, will be a good precursor for me. get me prepared for long drives, even though i won't be driving this time around.

what else....maybe a picture just to break up the monotony of this page? yes!
here is the street i currently live on: mosher rd

and here is the street i grew up on:
louise street

should be enough for now. ebay is going fine. not as much coming in as i would like, but i think i'd better get used to that, because i think it might just be the way it is.


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