Friday, June 13, 2008

oh give me land, lots of land

day 45:

not so much time on the internet right now. i only get wireless in the main building here, and it is shutting down in 5 minutes. santa fe, new mexico!
tomorrow we are leaving for the jemez mountains to soak in the hot springs, and then to albuquerque for the night and possibly the next night as well. there are TONS of new pictures on my flickr, but i am having a hard time motivating myself to copy and paste all the codes here. I AM SO EXHAUSTED. it is a never-ending exhaustion. i think it is some combination of the altitude, constant sun/heat, soaking in hot springs, and driving. maybe more factors as well. life is good though, and i can't imagine things any other way. happy to be in new mexico, and happy to have a free place to stay tomorrow night. also happy we have the next week and a half fairly planned out.

winslow/flagstaff, kingman, grand canyon, hoover dam, vegas, costa mesa, LA.

time's up!

much love from the land of enchantment!

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