Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the stars at night, are big and bright

hello from the lone star state! we left the pelican state on monday after an amazing time in lafayette.
we are now in houston. what a STRANGE place. will i return here? maybe??
we are staying with a friend that used to live in new york, dustin, who now lives in houston. he is a peach! unfortunately, after our first night at dustin's house, the power was turned off, and now we are staying at his friend lee's house. it is so nice here! she lives in a 4 story condo and we have our very own floor and bathroom with a FANCY shower. we are going to leave tomorrow morning for san antonio! (there's no basement in the alamo)

houston is so weird. we have been meeting the most bizarre characters, and last night at a bar called "poison girl" we met even MORE of them. full of weirdos!

we have been eating really cheap mexican food and drinking lots of lone star. we tried to find the reality bites house, but couldn't. bummer!!! yesterday we swam in an amazing pool all day. it is SO HOT here.

i will post some pictures later. promise.

love from texas,

p.s. everything IS bigger in texas!

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