Friday, June 27, 2008

clueless halfwits about to get their dreams shattered

bay areaaaaaaaaaa
god i am exhausted. the exhaustion feels neverending. it is like a giant bear that sits on my body all day every day. see? i don't even make sense! today was an AWFUL day. christ was it bad! first my grandma woke me up. quit it! then when we left i backed my car into this stupid planter in the MIDDLE of the parking lot. WHY IS THERE A TREE BEHIND A GARAGE??? it makes no sense and the tree was really wimpy, too wimpy to even see. scratched my bumper really bad and its like a battle wound from a stupid battle. what a bummer.

meanwhile, we were packing up the packages to send out to my customers or whatever, and begin driving, after the mishap, to the post office. then we hear this noise, something on the roof sort of. anyways, whatever, didn't think anything of it, but then naomi says "hey b, where are those shoes?" and right away my stomach sank. i knew what the noise on the roof was. i immediately began to cry. the kind of cry that comes from something other than a shoe flying off the roof and onto the freeway. the kind of cry that comes from 2 months of constant exhaustion and a grandma in the passenger seat saying she wanted to leave the car because she was getting a bad feeling from me. my makeup went into my eyes and was burning so badly i couldn't drive any longer. naomi took over and then we went back to look for the shoe. found it a mile or so down the road got out and grabbed it. MUTILATED. i think no more than 2 cars ran it over, but 2 was enough to break the heel off and rip the ankle strap. plus it is covered in tire marks. oh yes, one shoe was still on the roof! anyways, cry cry cry. all day practically.

okay now i am asleep i guess and tomorrow we are driving to berkeley and then sf to meet kiki and have a night on the town finally. i am very excited but i hope that i can shape up. we have lots of driving to get to eugene oregon.

time for bed.
much love and please send me some positive thoughts so my bad luck goes away.

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