Tuesday, July 1, 2008

do the walk of life

hello from the beaver state!
we are now in oregon. this is our 3rd day in this GREEN state.
today we are in portland, with my good friend mike, who moved back here about a year ago from brooklyn. yesterday we were in eugene staying with my friend's mom, alice. that was amazing and we slept outside in a bed under a canopy while it rained and hailed. what an experience! it was also like 40 degrees, but we survived!

stayed in eugene until about 8:30 talking with alice and her friend lynn, who are basically me and naomi in 30 years. christ! alice made us a delicious dinner and it was honestly hard to leave, but the fact that the bathroom flooded with water made it slightly easier to make an exit. drove to portland in the dusk light and arrived around 10:30. went out for a bit in the northwest area, and met jan (our swiss friend that just keeps popping up everywhere) and his friend joe at a bar over there. had a few beers and then continued driving over bridges to get back here to mike's giant house! woke up in a giant comfy bed and started the day right! mike made us pancakes and now we are planning our day.

its really been a whirlwind of days and places, and i am not quite sure where i was one week ago. its really crazy living like this, and i feel very used to it, which is strange. its normal to me to sleep in a new place every night, and learn someone's house for one day and then leave. its nice in a way to have no attachments, but when those attachments present themselves, they are hard to leave.

everyone is waiting on me, as usual. so i'd better wrap this up and go.
please visit my flickr! please! there is so much there! the redwoods! the pch! alice's house! us inside a tree!
come on now! get there fasssst!!! http://flickr.com/photos/happycuties/

love you dudes!

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