Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just a quick one before i go:

so...still in seattle. WOW. its been forever here! but life is good here in the land of milk and honey. today we went to denny blaine park on lake washington and layed out and went swimming!! it was cold but so so nice. i think we made a nice addition to our base tan as well.

we do have plans to leave this place, i swear! tomorrow we are going to drive to vancouver for a night. then BACK TO SEATTLE. ha! just for one quick night this time! and then off to idaho and beyond! we are going to camp for a night in thermopolis after we leave yellowstone. this i am so excited about. i almost cannot wait to get there but so much good stuff lays between here and there. i guess thats as per usual. there are so many things to see! we won't even go to utah at all, can you believe that? i think we will also miss north dakota. bummer. but montana, wyoming, and south dakota will get lots of action from us. hopefully we will not be eaten by any bears, this is my one true wish.

oh wait! i forgot! so after we swam in the lake we took a leisurely stroll over to kurt cobain's former residence on lake washington blvd and saw the house and also the park next door which serves as a makeshift memorial/shrine to kurt. man, was it good. there were 15 year olds wearing high top chucks and nirvana shirts sitting on this bench with all sorts of messages inscribed to kurt in its wood. it was everything i hoped for and more.

tonight robin's band flexions (flex-shions NOT flex-ee-ons)are playing in ballard and we are thinking of getting some mexican food beforehand. emily hanson and her boyfriend joey are in town, so we are playing family and doing nice things. awww.

so.....tomorrow i will be in canada! can you fucking believe that we get 98 cents to their dollar?! i seriously cannot believe that a money called "loonies" is worth more than the good ole greenback dollar bill. i am PISSED. i'll let you know how it goes with those happy canadians. now they actually have something to be happy about, assholes.

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